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5 Ways We’re Keeping Our Brooklyn Home Safe This Spring

March 20, 2018

If you’ve been following along here since this past fall, you know that after our break in history we took the initiative to keep my parent’s historic home safe by installing Logitech’s Circle 2 Camera. Now that we’re back in Brooklyn, in a new apartment, we made it a priority to keep our space safe here as well. Even though we aren’t in the same state or city as my parents, we wanted to leave them with their security camera and start fresh on our own.


A Small Brooklyn Studio That Will Make You Want to Leave Your Work-From-Home Life Behind

August 29, 2017

As someone who works from home the idea of a separate studio sounds like a fantasy to me.

I’d like to think I’d be successful if I took the leap, but to be totally honest the investment scares me. When you’re freelance there isn’t a whole lot of certainty when it comes to your paycheck and that’s just part of the territory. What I admire the most about the creatives that occupy this studio is their unwavering certainty that it will work out. They believed in themselves enough to take the bold leap. Renting their first ever space this spring has arguably been one of the best career decisions I’ve had the opportunity to witness each of them make.


Brooklyn Roasting Company

May 16, 2016

Amy and I had planned to shoot in dumbo for a number of reasons. 1. The neighborhood itself. 2. We thought it would be the perfect location for our shoot with Everlane. & 3. And most importantly, coffee from this place – Brooklyn Roasting Company. Owen has been waking up more frequently the past couple months so I insisted that we start with coffee and pastries here. Anyone else feel like coffee doesn’t make you wired anymore, just that it makes you somewhat level? On a good day that is?! Haha. This is their headquarters and roasting spot, plus it was one of the first coffee shops I ever went to when I was just visiting New York. I hadn’t been in some time and thought it would be nice to check it out again. The space is huge which is great to note if you’re traveling to the city with a group – finding coffee shops in both Brooklyn and Manhattan with room is often times really difficult, but Brooklyn Roasting Company is incredibly welcoming and spacious. They had some packaged gluten free options for Amy (!) and various milk substitutes if you’re on a dairy free diet. I kept it old school with my order and grabbed a drip coffee and croissant. Although I don’t know when I’m going to learn that a baby in a carrier and croissant flakes don’t pair well together. Haha. But I guess there are worse things. Anyways, back to the roasting company. These guys offer the highest quality of fair trade, rainforest alliance, and organic certified and sustainable coffees. They roast in small batches to deliver the perfect roast and best cup of coffee possible, and are all about “green thinking”. On their about page they state, “We’re not coffee snobs, we’re just very dedicated coffee lovers that only settle for the best.” and it’s crystal clear when you visit their location.

Photography by Amy Frances.

Brooklyn Farmacy

August 17, 2015

brooklyn farmacy opened in 2010 after the space had been closed for 13 years. The original space was a 1920’s apothecary shop and a hub for community gatherings. The owners now seem to understand that even more than their specific products, most people swing by for the nostalgia. to top it off, as if we needed any other reason to stop by Farmacy, it was national ice cream day, so Amy and I headed over after a shoot for an afternoon treat. The space has a beautiful old school soda fountain vibe without coming off too kitschy. They sell a variety of local goods in the front of the joint, had live music, and one of the largest dessert menus I’ve seen in awhile. I got one of their mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, Amy had a scoop of strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup & we shared an egg cream. Delicious and darling!

All photography by amy frances.

Brooklyn Family Feature by Amy Frances

July 22, 2015

A Note from Amy Frances: Such a sweet and loving family. That’s all that you need to know about this amazing group. Zach and Stacy have the most adorable three little girls, Loretta, Betty, and Hazel. We spent some time together at Prospect Park and captured some beautiful moments. I wanted to keep this session as easy and laid back as possible. So we played, we spun around until we were dizzy, climbed trees, tackled dad, and everything else that makes a day in the park perfect.

All photography by amy frances.

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