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Inspiring Spaces

November 21, 2016

When I asked Paula Mallis, the owner of this gorgeous home, what makes her house a home she shared with me that she has been opening her home for the past three years to her community for women’s circles and gatherings, and that of all things, she feels that these gatherings have blessed her home and family. To give you a little back story, Paula is a mother, doula, yoga teacher and meditation guide living in Venice, CA with her husband Todd, her daughter Madeleine and their furry friends Buddy and Willow. On Paula’s site she explains the women’s circle gatherings mentioned as such… “As we gather we will be honoring the transition a woman goes through on her journey from pregnancy into motherhood. We will honor this sacred rite of passage by sharing our experience, wisdom and birth story. Our time together will be held in a safe, non judgmental and loving space. This evening will provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our stories and apply a loving reframe to the places within us where we might hold judgment towards ourselves and others. In maintaining this heartfelt and loving space, we will connect and support one another as we travel our own unique journey into motherhood.”


Inspiring Spaces

October 11, 2016

Could this space have more gorgeous natural light? I think not! Lauren Neff, her husband and their 19 month old daughter call this inspiring space home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They purchased their house almost two and a half years ago and have made countless improvements since making their investment. They painted each and every room, installed new hardwood floors, completely renovated the kitchen and bathrooms and the work continued.  Lauren and her family are big fans of just hanging at home and listening to music, it’s in these moments that there’s no where else they’d rather be. They’ve purchased mid-century inspired furniture from West Elm, CB2, Amazon, Ikea and Overstock, and like every mama I know, Lauren enjoys a good trip to Target for all the decorative accessories.

When I see beautiful spaces like this I find myself daydreaming about the idea of buying a place like Lauren and her husband did at the start of their years as a family of three, but since we’re in NYC that’s a far fetched dream. It’s easy to get caught up in what you don’t have sometimes, but if I’m really being honest I’m not ready to give up our city life for a bigger country home – no matter how much I think we might benefit from doors to separate our space into actual rooms. When it comes down to it, regardless of location, size, or decor the answer is always the same when I ask people what makes your house a home. It’s the people. For Lauren it’s “The people, plants and items we’ve collected on our travels.” And when you look at it this way our homes provide so much more than pretty photos to share on blogs like this one. Our homes are where we create memories and contribute to the stories our kids will tell when they’re building their own families. It’s where we gather and find peace and comfort from the outside world.

Photography and space by Lauren Neff. Visit her Instagram and photography site for more.

Inspiring Spaces

September 14, 2016

“I feel most at peace when I’m home tending to my plants and chasing around a baby. There’s something about the quiet rumble of the dryer while I’m rocking a babe to sleep that just makes me feel like there’s no place like home.”  -Amanda Shamblin

Amanda and her husband crave simplicity and strive to live intentionally and minimally. She often finds herself painting walls, rearranging furniture and selling off pieces that no longer suit their home – which sounds far too familiar to me. I feel like I’m in a constant state of doing the same. Their home is small, much like our apartment, and I understand and appreciate that constant balance downsizing to just what you need. Anyone else feel the same? Since I started working from home I feel even more connected and drawn to our space and find myself wanting to make small improvements to make our home that much cozier.

Amanda’s home is located in a beautiful small French historic town on the Ohio River. She lives there with her husband, 4 kids and their cat, Jack. They purchased their home six years ago and have done a handful of improvements since. In my interview with her she shared that prior to them moving in, “The house was immaculately kept by a sweet elderly lady, who had an affinity for all shades of green as well as shag carpet. We tore down walls, built closets, ripped up carpet, added a half bath, made a laundry room, added a back door and painted everything in sight.” But her favorite part of the space and remodel is her kitchen. She was able to create her dream set up with butcher block counter tops and a porcelain sink affordably from Ikea. She told me that her kitchen is the heart of their home and as someone who pours their heart into baking and cooking I just love that sentiment.

When it comes to decor Amanda is a fan of thrifting and antique shops. Her goal over the years has been to fill their home with objects found, collected, repurposed or inherited. She feels as though these are the pieces that reflect who they are as a family and the history of these objects adds to their personal story. This even applies to the outdoors. Amanda and her kiddos love bringing in driftwood, wildflowers or pinecones from their walks on the river. Amanda wants their home to feel alive with a lot of natural elements and warm, earthy, moody colors and this comes across clearly in her photos.

For more insight into Amanda’s life follow her blog and Instagram.

Inspiring Spaces

August 16, 2016

Nina and her family of four live just outside New York City in Newburgh, NY. They own a beautiful 1860’s home and have lived there for almost a year. Nina and her husband Ryan have done a complete renovation from floor to ceiling – all of the electric and plumbing was ripped out, she explained to me that the attic was more like a crawl space and they even had a hole in the ceiling of their kitchen that extended to their basement floor. Their home was previously split into four apartments so they had to knock down quite a few walls which in combination with everything else is no doubt a ton of work. In the questionnaire I sent Nina she said, “I love that the space is our own – from the white plywood floors we nailed and painted ourselves to the hand scraped ceilings. We put a lot of sweat into our home, and everything has our handprint on it.”

As you can probably gather from these images, Nina and Ryan love antiques. Ryan is actually an antique dealer and everything in their home has come from one sort of flea market or another. When I asked Nina what makes their house a home she responded, “Because we are constantly buying and selling pieces, in and out of our home we truly feel that our family is what makes our house a home. Everything has a price and objects are fleeting. We don’t have very much that’s sentimental to us… it’s all about good old fashion love.”

Follow along with Nina and her family on Instagram to track the progress of their renovations and to get a glimpse into their NY life.

Inspiring Spaces

July 6, 2016

Can you believe this chicken coop? I kind of want to jump right in to this image for my next vacation. This is the inspiring space of Kristi, the owner of Windy Peak Vintage. Kristi lives here with her husband, son, cat, two dogs and nine chickens. They are first time home buyers and have lived in the countryside of Montana for the past three years. Not only does Kristi have an eye for vintage clothing and accessories, but they choose to go this route with their furniture and most of their artwork. They’re always checking out thrift stores and estate sales to find the perfect pieces for their home, and also have a handful of artwork that has been passed down to them from relatives. Their home rests on a few acre property and while I love my city digs, there is absolutely a part of me that wishes I could snag an element or two from their cozy space. Be sure to check out Kristi’s blog and online shop, and if you’re not following her on Instagram get after it!

Photography by Kristi.

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