Building a nest in Brooklyn, again. 

After meeting, marrying my high school sweetheart (Zack) and growing up together in Phoenix we packed our bags and headed to NYC to start a family. Shortly after moving to Brooklyn, and in the midst of my pregnancy, Household Mag. was born. The intention was to create a family journal and creative outlet as we awaited our first child and built our nest in Brooklyn. Before we knew it our beautiful boy (Owen) arrived and our family journal had morphed into a business that was growing bigger than we could have ever imagined. Very quickly we learned that this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up and dove head first. Just over a year ago we launched a parenting podcast titled Mom and Dad Made a Podcast and last May we sold our belongings and travelled the world as a family. In our time away we learned countless lessons, but above all we learned that Brooklyn is our home and that we genuinely enjoy spending our days together as a family. Follow our journey as we build a nest in Brooklyn again, make treats in our (much larger) kitchen, juggle parenting, marriage, each of our businesses, Zack’s standup comedy career and city life.

So happy you’re here!

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