10 Things I Love About O

February 15, 2017

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While I certainly love more than ten things about Owen, I’ve been wanting to be better about documenting the small things. Obviously there are plenty of things I feel like I will always remember, but in the grand scheme of life, I’m not entirely sure I will remember the little details from our days at home. These things are special, funny and are sometimes eye opening moments as a parent. It’s these small, often mundane happenings that help make this job the best job on the planet. He’s growing and changing so much each day and there’s no longer a baby, but a little boy developing before my eyes. Since we can’t freeze time, here are ten things Owen is doing or saying right now that I hands down love.

1. He laughs when I fart – it has officially happened. I thought Owen was the one person I could get away with farting audibly around without reaction, but when I fart, he laughs. Haha! He could be moments away from soundly sleep and if I fart, he laughs under his pacifier, which obviously makes me laugh hysterically.

2. He’s obsessed with pointing to everyone’s nose, mouth, eyes, ears and hair. You know he’s comfortable with someone if he quietly just starts pointing to their nose. We learned this on the airplane ride home from Costa Rica when he spotted another little girl. He went from total meltdown mode to smiling and pointing.

3. He’s in to hand holding.He likes to hold mine or Zack’s hand and walk us to his “room” (his playroom). And, at bedtime after I put him in his crib I sit on the floor until he starts to fade – he sticks his little hand out of the slats of the crib to hold mine. It’s the cutest.

4. Blueberry everything. All day.

5. His belly laugh. This usually comes about if we smell his toes and react very dramatically about the smell or if we chase him around the apartment and say, “I’m gonna get you”. Works every dang time and it’s impossible not to smile from ear to ear when he’s laughing like that.


6. His morning bottle in bed. My laziness has created a poor, but cute habit, so we’ve made it part of our routine. We wake up, I fetch him a bottle, make myself coffee and we drink both in bed before we start our day.

7. He loves to cuddle. I put Owen down every day for a nap in our bed and lay with him until he falls asleep. He wakes up once each night and we bring him into bed with us to get him back to sleep. We tried to fight this sort of co-sleeping situation for awhile, but ultimately when we just gave in we were actually got some sleep and are happier and more rested. Plus, he’s been taking two hour naps each day and I can’t complain about that!

8. Him and his puppy are buds. I was always nervous about how Jack (our dog) would respond once Owen was more mobile and in his face, but he’s been such a champ. He deals with a lot of tugging and pulling and for whatever reason still wants to be wherever Owen is!

9. He really responds to music. If he likes a song, as soon as it starts he starts dancing. Every night before bath time there’s usually a dance party happening to get out all the last bits of energy.

10. He chooses books over toys every day. I think it might be a good experiment to actually count how many times I reach each of his books to him every day – it’s a lot, but I love that he loves being read to so much. We definitely play with toys and get outside, but reading is his favorite.

Do you remember what your kids were into at 17 months?

Photography by Amy Frances.

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  • I love this age! My daughter is 19 months and does many of the same things! I love when she gets serious and “talks” and tells us stories.

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