22 Things I Love About Owen at 22 Months Old

July 20, 2017

It almost feels impossible that in two short months Owen will be two years old. It seems like yesterday that I sat in our bathroom in disbelief as I looked at a positive pregnancy test with the biggest grin on my face. I remember staying in there alone for a few moments before I opened the door to share the news with Zack. I wanted a moment to myself to hold on to the news that would undoubtedly change our lives forever.

After trying to conceive for almost a year at that point we were over the moon. While the time has flown by since it’s insane to think about all of the changes we’ve experienced as a family, how far we’ve come, what we’ve learned and how much I love this almost two year old.

In honor of Owen and in an attempt to capture this exact moment with him here are twenty two things I love about Owen at twenty two months old.

1. He’s hilarious. I love how much personality this kid has. He makes me laugh more than anyone else I know.

2. He’s got rhythm. Since he was really little he’s always loved music, but these days he takes it to a whole new level with his dance moves. Our favorite is one where he spins in a circle while he looks off to the corner – it kills us every time.

3. He’s a lover. He’s one of the most loving and affectionate little kids I’ve known. Once he’s comfortable he’s all about the hugs and kisses – especially with Zack and I.

4. He loves books. We thought we had lost him for a bit on this when we introduced the iPad on occasion, but ever since we limited use on that he’s back to asking us to read to him over and over again. He will even sit and “read” to himself. It melts my heart.

5. Sometimes he can sit through a meal at a public restaurant. I joke with Zack all the time about how much we lucked out with a kid that does particularly well at restaurants. It’s not always perfect, but I will say that we are actually able to finish the majority of the meals we order and that’s saying a lot for most parents – right?!

6. He’s all about co-sleeping. I might get some slack for this one, but I really do love that he sleeps with us. We learned so much through the process of trying to sleep train him and once we let him lead the way it’s been a relief for us all. I know it won’t last forever so I’m just trying to soak it up while I can.

7. He knows how to adapt. We were nervous about Owen’s ability to adapt when we left NYC, but he’s taught us so much about what’s important and what we all need as people. So long has he has his mom and dad he’s happy as can be.

8. He loves animals! Recently he’s been so fascinated with animals. He points out each and every bird, dog and cat he sees and gets so excited. It’s just about the cutest thing!

9. He’s a stop and smell the flowers kind of kid. Literally. He forces me to slow down and I love that about him.

10. He’s always changing. As soon as I think we’re in a good flow with eating, sleeping, schedule, etc. he switches it up on me and forces me to let go of control. This was a HUGE lesson for me as a bit of a control freak prior to becoming a mother.

11. He forces me to forgive myself. Since there are no days off in parenthood there’s not a ton of room for pity parties when things don’t go my way or when I mess up. I don’t have any other choice than to show up for him each and every day and leave my baggage at the door.

12. He’s curious. I love watching him figure out the mechanics of how something works (even if that means opening and closing something nearly a million times ;)). It feels like his mind is just exploding these days.

13. His ability to bounce back. We all know how resilient kids can be but you don’t really realize it until you’ve been knocked down yourself. Owen doesn’t hesitate to literally dust his hands off and keep playing regardless of how hard he falls and recovers quickly after he’s upset for any given reason.

14. His love for food. It’s funny to think about a time where Zack and I were concerned with our kid loving food. Variety is a different question, but there’s no doubt that he loves to eat which makes me so excited to experience meals together as he gets older.

15. The love he brings out in the people around him. It’s been overwhelming to see our friends and family fall in love with our kiddo time and time again. He’s the first grandchild on both my side and Zack’s so he has turned each of our family members into first time aunties, uncles, grandparents etc. And we’re the first of our close friends to have a baby so he’s opened their eyes to life with a kiddo too! It’s pretty damn beautiful.

16. He’s shy. Given his personality I know this is just a phase and is something he will outgrow, but I’m learning to love watching him take new people in and establish boundaries for who and what makes him feel comfortable. I of course want him to be social, but he’s got to find his way there comfortably and I’m embracing the process.

17. He walked later than most kids. I remember feeling so eager to see him take his first steps and honestly a little worried that it came later than most. He taught me a lot about parenting during that time – most importantly, that all kids are different and they develop when they’re ready (an invaluable lesson to learn so early in parenthood).

18. He’s pushed me to be better. I was always driven prior to having Owen, but after becoming parents it didn’t take Zack and I long to learn what was really important. We have learned the true value of being better to each other, working in fields we are passionate about, establishing a lifestyle that best supports our priorities and challenging ourselves to give Owen a better life each day.

19. He’s a lot like his dad. Owen has gone through phases of looking more like Zack, more like me and back again, but it particularly warms my heart when he makes a facial expression or does something that is just so Zack in nature. I’m beyond excited to see the pieces of Zack in Owen as he gets older.

20. He’s taught me the value of when enough is enough. Your life fills up pretty quickly after having kids and we’ve learned that as great as it is to be driven, it’s also important to know when to pull the reigns back and be grateful for what’s in front of you. Sometimes this even means saying no to preserve what you have.

21. He’s got an opinion about almost everything. This kid knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want which can sometimes make things a challenge for Zack and I, but I love it. He’s learning new words every day, but regardless of his ability to communicate on some level, he speaks his emotions with his body language.

22. He’s the best. I get it, every parent says this about their kid, but he really is such a great kid. As much as becoming parents has challenged us, it has enriched our lives in a way we would have never experienced otherwise. Still so grateful each and every day that that pregnancy test read positive the day that it did.

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  • I love all of these!! I love #9. He really does stop and smell the flowers, so to speak. I’ve noticed this about him. His curiosity, his sweet nature and his brain just absorbing everything around him. You’re the best mama

  • I love all of these!! I love #9. He really does stop and smell the flowers, so to speak. I’ve noticed this about him. His curiosity, his sweet nature and his mind just absorbing everything around him. You’re the best mama

  • Hi! I just started following along on your travels as my family will be traveling thru Europe for a few months starting next week, so loving all your tips. We will be starting in Italy and we have a 22 month old boy as well. Couple questions, do you travel with a portable high chair? We’re debating on whether or not to bring a stroller, we use ergo carrier a lot. You mentioned magnetic blocks and flash cards that you bring along…which ones were they and any other toys/essentials you would recommend? Currently packing so would love any advice! Thank you so much and happy 22 months to your little one!!

    • Hey Janine,

      How exciting! How long are you guys planning to travel for? We did not bring a portable high chair. We’ve found that most restaurants have them and the ones that don’t are okay with our son sitting in his stroller.

      Owen is just under 30 pounds these days so unfortunately the carrier was getting a little too heavy for us. We got the YOYO Baby Zen stroller and it’s been a dream to travel with (super light weight and compact – you can even carry it on the plane). But, if you use the carrier a lot I’d bring that too!

      We ended up switching out the magnetic blocks in Berlin for some Duplo Legos – Owen just likes them better and we’ve taken just a handful so they don’t take up too much room. Outside of those we will have the little flash cards, the stacker we have has been awesome because it stacks in both directions if that makes sense (they’re also perfect beach toys) and we picked up a couple matchbox style cars in Paris. These are great because Owen loves to open the little doors too! Coloring stuff has been helpful as well as books. We try to switch these out whenever we can (mostly because we get sick of repeating the same few). Oh and we also picked up a small puzzle in Paris that Owen has been loving these days! To recap because I think that might have got confusing ahha. Here are the toys we have:
      -Stacking Cups
      -Simple Puzzle
      -2 Matchbox Cars
      -Crayons & a notebook

      Let me know if you think of any other q’s! So excited for you guys!

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