Our Bath Essentials, Routine and New Space

March 15, 2018

For the first time in Owen’s life we finally have a bath tub, and you guys, it’s been life changing. When Owen was first born having just a shower wasn’t a problem. It was super easy to bathe him in the kitchen sink, but as he got older and bigger and we started to travel this meant showers for our little guy which was challenging to say the least.


When we first facetimed with our good pal Amy to see our now apartment, one of the major selling points was this large (by Brooklyn standards) bathroom with a tub. Zack and I instantly thought of how much less of a headache bath time would be with this set up and it is now one of our favorite parts of our routine with him.

We usually kick off Owen’s bedtime with a bath, which has provided some great consistency and is a nice way to ease into our routine and begin to calm him down for bed. He also loves playing in the tub and it gives us some time to connect at the end of our day. As far as my routine goes, let’s just say as long as I get a shower in every day, regardless of the time, I call it a win.

I might be willing to compromise the time of my shower, but the older I get, the more I realize how much more I prefer quality over quantity. With that in mind, not only is this the first time in our lives that we have a tub, but it is the first time we have truly invested in luxury home essentials and it makes such a difference. After so much bouncing around and staying in other people’s homes for nearly a year we knew we didn’t want to sacrifice our standards when it came to anything we brought into our home.

It started with our bedding. We missed the comfort of our old bed desperately, remembered how much we loved our sheets and turned to Snowe the moment we started looking for linens. We were pleasantly surprised to see a variety of bundles (which are much more cost effective than ordering individual pieces) and landed on their Complete Home Bundle. Regardless of not being terribly familiar with their other products, we felt comfortable doing so because of how much we love their sheets and the fact that they offer 90 days to confirm that it meets your utmost standards. And if not? They want to fix it are happy to replace or refund. Zero risk if you ask me!  

The Complete Home Bundle was filled with literally everything we were looking for, including without a doubt the nicest set of towels we have ever owned, plus not one but two bath mats. Snowe’s towels are lightweight, absorbent, quick drying and incredibly soft. As someone with super sensitive skin I love the fact that they are hypoallergenic on top of everything else. Their towels even have a twill corner loop for easy hang drying after you’ve ran through your bath or shower routine. There are no special instructions when it comes to care for these towels either. Just simply wash and dry with the rest of your clothes and call it a day. So easy.

Needless to say, we are fans and were 110% satisfied with their entire bundle. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing a little more about Snowe, the classics we’ve taken into nearly every room in our home and how they have provided the perfect foundation for our family since we started from scratch in January.

What are the home essentials you can’t live without?

This post was sponsored by Snowe.

Photography by Amy Frances.


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