Our Bedroom Reveal: The Best Part About Coming Home After Traveling

After traveling for eight months it’s safe to say we were ready to sleep in our own bed again. Now don’t get me wrong, we stayed in plenty of wonderful Airbnb’s, with close friends and family who accommodated us with such hospitality last year and even a few hotels, but I’d be lying if I said we weren’t looking forward to getting our bedroom setup once we touched down in NYC.

There’s just something about designing and organizing your sleep space that really makes you feel right at home.

Since we had plenty time to research before purchasing our next mattress we took great care and found one that best suited our family. We wanted something that was better for the environment, comfortable for two over-tired parents and a co-sleeping two year old and something we could hold on to for years to come.

After exploring and testing plenty of options we landed on Essentia’s Classic 8 Mattress. They offer the world’s first and only natural memory foam mattress and sleeping on it has been a literal dream. Seriously.

Rather than using latex foam, Essentia makes their patented foam with hevea milk (the milky white sap of the rubber tree!). Some of their other ingredients include organic essential oils, natural plant extracts and organic cotton. Plus their mattresses are even vegan, meaning they contain no animal bi-products.

On paper we were sold, but we had to try it for ourselves.

Essentia has a 60-day money back guarantee so even if you’re not near one of their showrooms you can try your mattress at home before you commit. For us it only took a few sleeps to know we had found the perfect mattress. Now that we’re locked in we also can count on their 20 year warranty and I love the fact that they have the option for monthly payments so you can pay off your mattress over time if necessary.

When it came to the rest of our bedroom we wanted to keep things minimal. Since we’re working with limited space it was important to keep our bed low to the ground and to fill our room with just the few things we need. In our space we have this simple bed frame, two stools that act as bedside tables (these are great because they can function as extra seating in our dining room if necessary), two floor lamps, market baskets to keep a few belongings under our bedside tables, a simple laundry basket, this gorgeous wall mirror and these perfect custom shelves made by Erbe Workshop. Our only piece of art is this wall hanging and we absolutely love it. To complete our simple, yet comfortable space we picked up these ultra comfortable sheets and some plants. We are just loving our little oasis.

Since Zack and I are still functioning off of mostly capsule wardrobes all of our clothing and shoes fit into our tiny closet without an issue so a dresser wasn’t even necessary. We have absolutely made the most of this tiny little room and are even thinking about putting in a small desk underneath these shelves so that there’s a space each of us can work in peace at home.

How is your room setup? Do you like to keep things simple or do you have enough space to get really creative?

This post was sponsored by Essentia


Photography by Amy Frances.


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