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March 17, 2017


I’ve been following along with Bossladies Magazine for some time, and I’m honored to share with you that I’m being featured today over on their blog. For those of you who are new to Bossladies you’ve got to take the time to check them out. They’re a print and digital magazine that publishes twice a year: once in May and once in November. Each issue is focused around a particular city, and they share the stories of some of their favorite women who are building beautiful and impactful businesses within that city. These are women that profoundly inspire their entrepreneurial journey, and they hope that they do the same for you.


I just finished reading their second issue on Los Angeles and I’m feeling so inspired by each and every one of the women they highlighted. The magazine is beautifully designed, the photography is on point and the short interview style of each feature made it an easy read (even for someone who typically has a toddler crawling all over them). Their third issue will be published in May and is focused on New York City. They’re profiling some of my personal heroes – Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, the all female team behind one of my favorite lines, AYR, Roni Vardi of Catbird, Rebecca Atwood and so many other talented women. They’re even offering my readers 20% off when you subscribe before April 30th with the code HOUSEHOLDMAG at checkout. Note that they’re offering up both print and digital copies of the magazine which I love! This is definitely a must-read if you’re a female entrepreneur who’s looking for a little inspiration.


Photography by Amy Frances.

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