Bouncing Around Our Home

December 19, 2016

I always joke that it would be hilarious to set up a stop-motion video in the apartment to truly document our days at home, because juggling Owen and work is no joke. I mean some days our flow is just right and things go smoothly, but more often than not working from home with Owen means bouncing all around the apartment to insure he is happy. On occasion I work at my desktop computer while he’s napping, but when he’s up, my laptop follows me from our kitchen table to his playroom floor and everywhere in-between. Our space isn’t huge, but I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient – Google Wifi‘s multi-point system has made this possible for us. Nearly every piece of technology in our home is connected to Google Wifi; our computers, cell phones, television and iPad. Google Wifi replaces your router for seamless, fast and reliable coverage throughout your home.



Wondering how it works? You have the option to purchase either their one or three pack system to expand based on the growing needs of your family. Once your system arrives you download the Google Wifi app to your mobile device, quickly plug in each desired point, and with a few quick clicks through the app you’re done. Once everything is set up the system automatically adjusts to give you the fastest signal by redirecting you to whichever point is the clearest in your home. The app even lets you pause access during dinnertime, bedtime and so on so you can limit usage in your home if you’d like. Setting up Google Wifi has been a tremendous help for my workload and our family. To learn more about their system and pre-order your own visit their site here.





Photography by Amy Frances.


This post was sponsored by Google.

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