Building Household: Re-Learning and Holding Your Worth In Business

May 20, 2019

If I’ve learned anything in my almost four years of business it’s that I am constantly cycling through bending my pricing and time and re-learning and holding my true worth. In an ever-changing industry it feels almost impossible to ever feel grounded in my direction, workload, pricing or the quantity of time I spend throwing it all together. I ebb and flow between taking a step back and not taking social media so seriously and putting more effort into my posts. I wonder if my best efforts are spent blogging or creating long form Instagram posts that my followers can view within the app or if at the end of the day it’s just important to listen to what I want out of this business and hope that the rest falls into place.

As I gain more experience with my business the slower seasons are expected, but I’m still not at the point of being truly prepared for them. Things are honestly on an upswing for me, but with the way brand partnerships are paid out – influencers usually don’t see payment until anywhere between 30 and 60 days after their posts are live. It’s all just part of the business and something I have come to understand and have learned the ability to plan for when things are in a good flow, but when times are tough and business slows down I find myself taking projects for less than the going rate, doing more and more work for free or in exchange for product (which hey, I love 99% of the time) and slowly but surely forcing myself into a position of feeling overworked. It’s in these moments that I truly realize the downfall of not holding my worth and I re-learn. Again and again.

Amy and I chatted about this on today’s episode of Building Household and I think it’s an important element of business for most freelancers. Amy, has seemed to find a way to hold strong to her pricing even in slower months and I’m hoping that I can take after her lead this coming year. We discussed potentially even shutting business down for a month in the midst of winter which works as a photographer but not as an influencer. I notice a steep decline in my reach and visibility if I’m not consistent with posting which is in all honesty frustrating but just a fact of this business.

So maybe for me it looks like ramping up for the slower months so that I can feel okay about paid work being slower than usual, I’m really not sure. But what I can say for the moment is that after a tumultuous six months of experiencing a miscarriage, finding out I was pregnant again, moving through the challenges of the first trimester and being forced to take a break from the constant sharing I am now re emerging stronger than ever before in my second trimester. I have re-learned my worth and I’m sticking to it.

If this at all resonates for you guys please give today’s episode a listen. It’s an important lesson I think we all have to learn at some point in business.

Photography by Amy Frances.

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