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Nursing-Friendly & Postpartum Approved Fashion with Everlane

November 26, 2019

Just over a year ago I shared a post about celebrating differences in friendship, life and style with Leah (my same pal you see here). At that time I was Owen’s mom, June was just an exciting idea, neither of us were expecting either of these babies and our bodies looked a little different than they do now. We sported Everlane and as my due date with June approached this summer I found myself daydreaming a bit about slipping back into those threads again and again. I knew it was unrealistic to pack them in my hospital bag (duh!), but on more realistic days those daydreams probably looked a little something like this.


How I’m Preparing my Closet for Postpartum

August 20, 2019

If you read one of my more recent articles over on Camille Styles you know I’m doing my best to prepare my mind and body for postpartum. Some may say I have jumped the gun on preparing my closet, but it’s important to me that I have a handful of items I know I can most likely wear when June arrives. Of course it’s impossible to know exactly what my body will look and feel like after giving birth sometime next month, but based on my body today I made a couple of educated guesses and overall I’m feeling really good about it.


What to Pack for a Vacation in Your Second Trimester

April 30, 2019

Owen and I (and Amy) are heading west tomorrow for some time in Phoenix with the family, to celebrate this baby bump with a shower and to head to Palm Springs for Amy’s bachelorette party. It’s going to be a combination of some quality time with Owen and a good chunk of solo time with friends for me, which I am really looking forward to with our little girl on the way. With September (our due date) around the corner I’m anxious soak up some alone time, sunshine and of course, the help with Owen.


What I Wore In My First Trimester

March 5, 2019

With Owen (my first pregnancy) I wore my jeans comfortably early into my second trimester without an issue. I definitely gained some weight and bloated a bit, but nothing too noticeable in my first trimester. This pregnancy has been wildly different. I mentioned it in my first trimester pregnancy journal, but by six weeks I had already outgrown the majority of my pants. Rather than bloating like I did with Owen, I popped really early with a round little belly. I quickly found myself scrambling for clothes I could actually wear.


Stocking Stuffers for Mom, Dad & Owen!

November 28, 2018

Growing up my mom always went above and beyond with our stockings and she definitely passed her love for them down to me. I know for a lot of people their stockings are filled with cheap items that you wouldn’t necessarily want or need, but we try to be really intentional with each item we buy this time of year. We love the act of giving, but I think this season can easily get out of hand when it comes spending. So, Zack and I have chosen, with the exception of a couple small gifts for Owen, to stick strictly to stockings this year. Since I’m obviously not shopping for myself, I made a little stocking wishlist and I’ve shared most of what I picked out for Zack and Owen (so lets hope Zack stays off this post).


My Skincare Journey & A Way To Give Back To Our Oceans

November 15, 2018

This post was sponsored by Kate Somerville.

Although I’ve always had relatively sensitive skin, growing up I was really fortunate to have very few challenges. That being said, as I’ve gotten older plenty of issues have made their way to the surface. Prior to expecting I was diagnosed with eczema, I experienced pretty intense acne that affected my face, back and chest during my pregnancy with Owen and I even visited a dermatologist after he was born who informed me I had both psoriasis and vitiligo. Most of these skincare issues are common in plenty of mother’s journeys’, but I remember how self conscious I used to feel about my skin when it all started happening.


Our First Trip To An All Inclusive Family Resort

October 17, 2018

You guys, we finally did it. We took a trip to an all inclusive family resort! I remember going to these as a kid on occasion, and loving it, but I hadn’t had the chance to experience it all from the parents perspective. And surprise, surprise it was amazing! All those trips to Mexico and the days spent at the “Mini Club” are making a whole lot of sense after our trip last weekend, hah. Kudos to you mom and dad!


One Carry-On, Ten Days in Europe

September 2, 2018

Today we’re off to Europe for ten days and we are beyond excited! Because we will be able to do laundry at each location and honestly, pride ourselves off of traveling light, I thought I would share how I’ve packed for a full ten days in just one carry-on. In all honesty there are more than ten outfits here if you continue to mix and match pieces, but since our trip is just ten days I focused on putting together just what I needed.


An Early Morning Family Adventure and Reflection

August 9, 2018

This post was sponsored by Hudson Tailor.

Monday marks a huge change for our little family. If you listened to yesterday’s episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast or read this post you know that Zack is starting a new job that will require him to be at the office from nine to five Monday through Friday. This job will help foster Zack’s long term career, will provide stability and benefits for our crew and we believe will be a healthy, much needed change for our family. As challenging as change can be, we are over the moon excited and are looking forward to what this means for our family in the future.


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