A Day in the Life: How to Balance Work, Parenthood and Marriage While Traveling

June 21, 2017

Zack and I have received a lot of questions about exactly how we’re finding the balance with work, parenthood and our marriage while traveling. I’d be lying if I said our current schedule is what we imagined before we started our travels. We definitely had a different idea of what our days would look like before we left NYC, but I think the way they’ve taken shape has been even better.


The Truth About Instagram: Advice on Hashtags, Shadowban & Engagement

June 13, 2017

You can breeze past this post if you’re using Instagram purely as a social outlet to keep up with friends and what not (it’s intended purpose). I’m writing this post for anyone who is currently scratching their head about hashtags, the shadowban, and engagement if you’re using Instagram as part of your business. I’ve spent the last couple months confused, frustrated, discouraged and in the depths of the internet searching for answers to why the sudden drop off in likes and just visibility in general on Instagram. Like everything shared in this space, I am by no means an expert. I’m just purely sharing what I know from my own experience in hopes that it might make you feel less alone if you’ve been contemplating throwing your phone out the window and deleting Instagram entirely.


Helpful, Honest Thoughts from a Mom Doing Her Best

June 5, 2017

One of my main motivators in starting Household was to build community and I believe that often times that comes through connecting over the harder moments, not just the bright and shiny highlight reel that we call Instagram. After such a heartwarming response to my honest thoughts on traveling the world, one month in post I decided I would make more of an effort to dig deeper into those tougher emotions we all struggle with. More importantly the emotions that I struggle with so that I can (hopefully) shed some light and be helpful after working through it (although I’m not expert).


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