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A Simple Salad Everyone Will Love

August 16, 2017

You guys! You guys! This is big. I’ve never been the best at delegating. I was the kid in your group project who just did the entire project because in my head it would just be easier for everyone. Yikes.

That being said, I think I’m growing up. When I first started Household Mag. and even through us living in NYC I shared recipes all the time. I had the same hopes for our life on the road, but it’s been trickier than I expected to cook in unfamiliar kitchens in unfamiliar cultures.


Create a Beautiful, Easy Meal with These Paris Essentials

May 16, 2017

We arrived to Paris early in the morning on a Wednesday. The owner of our Airbnb was kind enough to meet us early, help us get settled, and even sent us an extra long list of local recommendations we might need during our stay. After a long nap we decided to venture out and pick up the essentials we would need for dinner that night. By accident, I think we started a tradition that we will carry on to each and every place we land because we loved it so much. In an effort to get to know our neighborhood, the local shops and practice the language a bit, we went to a handful of places to get what we needed. And by handful I mean pretty much one item a place. We found our local bakery, cheese shop, charcuterie meat shop, wine shop, produce market and a standard market for dry goods, milk for Owen and so on. We used to do this sort of thing in Brooklyn all the time, but for some reason in a new place it was just a whole other level of excitement. Over the course of the last week or two we’ve narrowed down our local essentials to a small list and thought we would share them with you. Keep in mind we are staying in the 18th arrondissement, we are a decent distance from the Eiffel Tour and all that jazz. It’s much more of a neighborhood feel and we are really enjoying it!


Where to Eat in Spain

April 17, 2017

Almost a week ago Zack and I returned from the most incredible trip to Spain (just the two of us). We spent four nights in Madrid, two in Barcelona and had arguably some of the best meals of our lives. When we begin our travels as a family we will be sharing far more information on each location we’re staying in and how we’re making it work as a family, but in all honesty this was a vacation for two exhausted parents. We spent lots of time catching up on sleep, reconnecting, eating and drinking and watching videos of Owen when we couldn’t sleep at night. We didn’t make a single checklist before leaving NYC and I’m grateful for it. Considering all the changes we have happening over here, try to look at this as a short, personal email I’m sending you with the places we stumbled across or were recommended to us in both Madrid and Barcelona that we MUST share. Enjoy!


How to Build an Easter Basket for Toddlers (with just five items!)

April 2, 2017


Growing up my favorite part of Easter was waking up in the morning, running into the kitchen and seeing what the Easter Bunny (a.k.a. my mom) had put in mine and my brother’s baskets. There was always a book, treats, eggs and some sort of Easter themed goodie or toy. This tradition was always fun and since Owen was born I’ve been excited to get it started in our household. Last year he was still a bit too young, but this year he seems to be interested in getting his hands on just about everything so we thought we’d give it a try. We didn’t go too crazy on his basket this year, but I had so much fun sharing it with him, giving him a taste of the Lindt Chocolate Bunny and letting him play with the rest of the goodies in his basket. Since he just hit the 18 month mark I thought I would share how I put his basket together with you guys. Today I’m partnering with The FeedFeed and Lindt Chocolate to give you some ideas on how to incorporate younger toddlers into the Easter basket tradition with just five items.


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