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Ten Details to Complete Owen & June’s Shared Brooklyn Bedroom

September 25, 2019

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Just before June made her arrival we spruced up her and Owen’s shared bedroom in our Brooklyn apartment. It was important to us that the space was broken up in a way that gives each kiddo their own corner, while still encouraging play together. We felt we had separated it nicely, but that there were still a few details / some additional play accessories we wanted to bring in, especially now that June is officially here! 


A Shared, Brooklyn Bedroom for Owen & June

August 13, 2019

Zack and I have lived in smaller spaces our entire relationship and when we started our family we had very little desire to expand. For the first year and a half of Owen’s life we lived in a one bedroom apartment (that had virtually no doors aside from the front door and the bathroom) and it wasn’t until after he was two that we wrapped up our travels and settled in a two bedroom apartment. That being said when we announced that we were expecting again one of the top questions we received was, “Will you move into a bigger place?”. If I’m being honest, a three bedroom apartment in New York City kind of seems like a luxury and at the moment is out of our budget. That being said, I’m feeling really good about how we’ve made this little bedroom work for both Owen and June. Here’s how we did it! 


An Intentional Dining Room Makeover for Our Growing Family

April 10, 2019

Hosting dinners and folks in general in NYC isn’t very common. Most of our living spaces are so small that the closest coffee shop or bar acts as an extension of your home and it’s rare that you actually invite friends or family over to your house or apartment. That being said, it’s always been different for us. When we moved back to Brooklyn last year we made it a priority to have the space to host the people we love the most and we’re so happy we did, even if it meant moving to a neighborhood a little further out. We’ve found since becoming parents that this is our ticket to remaining social when our nights are revolving around 7pm bedtime routines and often, unruly toddlers.


How to Deep Clean Your Home with a Toddler By Your Side

April 9, 2019

This post was sponsored by P&G Home Care.

Call it nesting or spring cleaning, but I have been in a deep cleaning kind of mood. You know, buying all the storage containers I can find, donating the clothes and other items we don’t need and cleaning like it’s my actual day job. I’m not sure about your kids but as long as I’m on my feet and doing something productive in the apartment, Owen is much more likely to let me be than if I’m on my computer. It’s like he knows I’m trying to work, you know?


A Simple, Slow, Everyday Kind of Morning at Home

March 12, 2019

About a month ago I put out a series of polls and questions to you guys about what you were enjoying from Household and what you wanted to see more of. Like the absolute nerd I am I wrote down every last suggestion and put them all into a Google Sheet so I could keep coming back to them when writers block hit or when I simply needed some direction.


10 Ways to Create a Simple, Intimate Baby Shower at Home

January 16, 2019

When I found out my best friend was expecting her first baby this summer I was overjoyed. Okay that might be an understatement. I don’t know if there’s one word that properly can wrap up all of my emotions, which is a problem I frequently have, but especially in this case. I mean my best friends are having a baby! 


A Playlist to Get Back Into The Groove

November 27, 2018

Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving! I’m slowly but surely getting back into the groove after taking most of the holiday week off. I’ve got a sick kiddo on the couch (poor bud), but while he’s resting I figured I would finally put the playlist together so many of you have messaged me for. This playlist is a compilation of all the songs I’ve shared in my stories over the last few months. Hope you enjoy!


Five Healthy & Happy Ways We Start Our Days at Home

November 9, 2018

Since our whole preschool fiasco I’ve been really trying to create a healthy structure to our mornings at home. This, of course, doesn’t replace the social element to school we were hoping to experience (I’m planning on writing another post on how we’re tackling that), but I’ve found our days move so much smoother when I’m more intentional with how our mornings begin.


5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

September 19, 2018

Since Zack and I moved in together in college, he’s been a nervous nelly about leaving our home when we go on vacation and has always insisted that we, “leave a light on so people think we’re home.” He certainly had the best intentions, but since, we’ve learned that this can often signal the fact that no one is home just as much as a consistently dark home can if someone is watching close enough. While this line of thinking is definitely a step in the right direction, as our family has grown and we’ve welcomed more and more travel into our lifestyle, it’s become increasingly important that we take a more thoughtful and strategic approach to our safety.


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