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Our Paris Home

May 8, 2017

Finding our household no matter where we land starts with a foundation of having a solid place to rest our heads, to make meals and to feel at home in a new place. Of course by nature of the three of us being together this comes naturally, but we wanted to choose a place to stay we were excited about and that would complement this chapter of our lives. If you’ve been following our journey for awhile you know that the absence of an actual room in Brooklyn provided us with a number of challenges, so that was something that was really important to us when we started searching for our home for the month of May. We wanted Owen to be able to sleep in a bed with an actual door that closes so that Zack and I could have time together after he was down for the night or time to work without interrupting him during his naps. Mission accomplished! You don’t see the bedroom in these photos – because Owen was napping while I tidied up the place and took these photos, but it has been SO nice to have a little separation (hence me getting work done while he sleeps without having to tiptoe). I forgot how much I appreciate a good layout after living in such an open one for so long! The photos speak for themselves, but the owner of this place clearly has an eye for design. The place feels like home in so many ways already even with the slight adjustments we’ve had to make through the process. Since we wanted to travel as light as possible I thought I’d share with you a few changes we’ve made in Owen’s routine.


How We Made the 36-Square-Foot Kitchen Work

April 29, 2017


This little kitchen has been the heart and soul of our apartment in so many ways. We’ve lived here for just over two years and even though 36-square-feet isn’t a lot, we’ve made it work. While we were so excited to to try all the wonderful restaurants in our new city when we moved here, we knew we would inevitably need and want to cook at home. Sharing recipes ended up being a huge part of Household, and food in general is something we are clearly passionate about so when we first viewed our apartment we were nervous. We made the quick decision to take the good light and the large (for NYC) open space and crossed our fingers we would make the “smallest kitchen we’ve ever seen” work. And we did. Since I started the blog I’ve received questions about how we functioned in such a small space so I thought I’d round up my tips for making our 36-square-foot kitchen work.


Start a Pinterest Worthy Plant Collection for Under $100

March 2, 2017


If you take a look at my Pinterest page you will see that nearly every home photo I pin has plants in it in some shape or form. In NYC it can be hard to find greenery at an affordable price that will be easy to maintain and that fits into our tiny spaces. Call it winter gloom or cabin fever, but now more than ever I’ve had the itch to brighten up our space with a little plant life. So, I convinced my dear friend Amy to give Owen and I a ride over to Ikea where we could pick up some healthy plants and trendy pots and planters that were within our budget. I figured I wasn’t alone in this home trend and that you guys might appreciate how to make it happen for under $100. Here’s how.


Shop and Support

February 21, 2017


I shared the five organizations Zack and I are donating to monthly in January, but I’ve been itching to find more ways to contribute. I’ve seen so many wonderful companies out there that are donating a portion of their proceeds to the organizations that need it most and thought I’d round up a few and share them with you here. These are items you might already have on your wish list to purchase or might be the perfect gift for a friend. The following links support a few organizations that are close to my heart; NRDC, Planned Parenthood and ACLU. Right now I think it’s crucial that we think about where our money is going and do every small bit to help. Find the links below!


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