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A So-Cal Family Home That Will Leave You California Dreamin’

September 14, 2017

Chrissy and I went through our pregnancies side by side two years ago. With due dates within a month of each other we very easily became pals without ever meeting each other (like folks sometimes do).

I’ve always admired the corners of Chrissy’s home through her blog and Instagram and since I haven’t had the chance to visit her place in real life I was dying for a tour. This lady has such killer style that I coordinated a home tour here on the blog before even seeing the photos. I figured you might want a glimpse into her beach home as well.


Montreal Travel Guide + Our Last International Home of the Year

September 6, 2017

When we walked into our Montreal Airbnb Zack and I couldn’t believe our eyes. Was this the place we booked? It was GORGEOUS, larger than any other home we’ve stayed in since May (or lived in ever) and felt like the perfect place to rest our heads for the month of August.


A Small Brooklyn Studio That Will Make You Want to Leave Your Work-From-Home Life Behind

August 29, 2017

As someone who works from home the idea of a separate studio sounds like a fantasy to me.

I’d like to think I’d be successful if I took the leap, but to be totally honest the investment scares me. When you’re freelance there isn’t a whole lot of certainty when it comes to your paycheck and that’s just part of the territory. What I admire the most about the creatives that occupy this studio is their unwavering certainty that it will work out. They believed in themselves enough to take the bold leap. Renting their first ever space this spring has arguably been one of the best career decisions I’ve had the opportunity to witness each of them make.


From South Florida to Guatemala: Home is a Safe Place Regardless of Location

August 15, 2017

I started following along with Drea of Oh Dear Drea shortly after we left NYC, and I was hooked by her family travels, healthy eats and her colorful South Florida home. I had the chance to chat with her about what home means to her just before she announced that her and her family will be packing up and moving to Guatemala this October.


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