Surprise! There’s No Sure Fire Way to Avoid Jet Lag with a Toddler

May 23, 2017

I’d like to tell you that we’ve figured out the secret to avoiding jet lag with a toddler, but the honest and real answer is that we haven’t. What I can do is reassure you that if you’re in the depths of arriving to a new time zone and are dealing with inconsistent sleep schedules you certainly aren’t alone. It took just over two weeks for Owen to fully adjust to the six hour time difference between New York City and Paris and while it was a trying two weeks in many ways we did our best to go with the flow, let Owen sleep when he was tired and make the most of our wonky schedule as we acclimated to our new life.


Together We Mother: What My Mother Has Taught Me

May 18, 2017

As a mother, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Mother’s Day for yourself and fail to acknowledge the women in your life who have taught you the most about motherhood. This year I took some time to really reflect on both my own mother and mother in law and the positive influences they have been when it comes to motherhood. They have each taught, supported and rallied for me in ways I would have never anticipated when it comes to my own path, are truly the best grandmothers I could have ever dreamed up for Owen and when shit hit the fan with Zack and I a few years ago they both pushed for our relationship to survive. Since we are traveling and were unable to celebrate the holiday together, I thought I’d write a little something to express my gratitude (although words alone won’t do them justice).


Mom and Dad Made a Podcast – Episode 15

May 3, 2017

For our last NYC episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast TT came to town (AKA Zack’s sister, Riley)! Listen in as we chat about what it’s like to be a first time auntie, Riley’s undying love for Drake and Lil Wayne and her feelings on us picking up and leaving to travel with her nephew. Listen, download and subscribe here.

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