Mom and Dad Made a Podcast: Guest Episode with Dan Carney!

August 22, 2018

On this episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast we shoot the shit with Dan Carney, fellow stand-up comedian and friend of Zack’s. In just under three months since Dan moved to NYC he’s worked his way into Stand Up NY as a comic, marketer and together, Zack and Dan produce Stand Up NY’s newest show, Super Giant on Friday evenings. There’s a whole lot of banter on this one, but we still attempt to keep a parenting focus with current events, comedy and a handful of travel tips with our trip to Europe around the corner, all while giving Zack a pretty hard time. Download, listen and subscribe here. And, if you have a moment please rate and review the podcast too, it would mean the world!

And, catch Dan on twitter at @danthemancarney!

Mom and Dad Made a Podcast: Dad’s New Job and How Mom Plans to Handle(?) It

August 15, 2018

Tune in to this episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast as we catch up with Matt (our wonderful producer and co-host) who was out the last few weeks, chit chat about Zack’s first day at LinkedIn, life this past week and how mom plans to handle (?) dad’s new job as a work from home mom. Hint, hint there’s not real plan, at all. Download, listen and subscribe here.


Building Household: What Do You Do When You Overcommit?

August 14, 2018

On today’s episode of Building Household with Hailey & Amy we’re catching you guys up on life these last few weeks, how overwhelming our workloads and lives have been, and how we have learned to navigate the pitfalls of overcommitting as creatives. As much as there are benefits to being yes women, we’re learning that we certainly can’t do it all! Download, listen and subscribe here.


An Early Morning Family Adventure and Reflection

August 9, 2018

This post was sponsored by Hudson Tailor.

Monday marks a huge change for our little family. If you listened to yesterday’s episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast or read this post you know that Zack is starting a new job that will require him to be at the office from nine to five Monday through Friday. This job will help foster Zack’s long term career, will provide stability and benefits for our crew and we believe will be a healthy, much needed change for our family. As challenging as change can be, we are over the moon excited and are looking forward to what this means for our family in the future.


Mom and Dad Made a Podcast: To Be Or Not To Be, Friends With Your Kids

August 8, 2018

Today on Mom and Dad Made a Podcast we’re talking about a pretty cutting, negative review we received on iTunes, dad’s new job, current events in the parenting space and our theme: to be or not to be, friends with your kids. We dive into our personal experiences with our parents and our feelings about being friends with Owen! Download, listen and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher!


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