10 Ways to Make Parenting Less Boring

April 1, 2019

Zack and I talked about an article we read on one of our more recent episodes of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast about how sometimes, parenting is just boring. It’s a truth a lot of us dance around admitting, but you certainly aren’t alone if you’re not filled with joy from start to finish each and every time you play legos, line up seventy-five cars or complete a puzzle with your kids. I’m not saying it’s never enjoyable, but I am saying it can be boring to play with your kids. And I’m also saying that that’s okay. I believe boredom is important for both kids and adults alike, but I also believe that there are ways you can make your days at home a little less mind numbing.


Five Morning Sickness Hacks That Worked for Me

March 28, 2019

Now that I’m settling into the second trimester I am happy to report that my morning sickness has almost completely subsided. That being said my first trimester was rough. I experienced all day nausea, and toward the end of the first trimester and even into my second trimester I experienced some vomiting. It has been essential (even still) that I eat as soon as I wake up. In the first couple months it was also crucial that I ate lots of small snacks throughout the day rather than large meals.


What To Do in NYC with Kids: The New York Transit Museum

March 25, 2019

I am beyond excited to start this series for a number of reasons. First and foremost we love our city and sharing our favorite things to do here, especially with Owen. I realize New York City can seem really intimidating to live in or even visit with kids, but it doesn’t have to be. Over the past three years we have truly found some gems that make this city so much more approachable with little ones that I’ve been dying to share with you all. The second and kind of silly reason is, these pieces are so fun and natural for us to shoot. They give us a reason to get out of our usual routine and soak up what we love about our home, and most importantly, what our kiddo loves about our home!


My Favorite Pregnancy Friendly Workout App Out of the Three I Tried

March 19, 2019

After I read A Cup of Jo’s, I Tried Three Workout Apps, and Here’s What Happened article I knew I wanted to recreate something similar that covered pregnancy workout apps. Even before I found out I was expecting I had started using apps to get a workout in and was so surprised at how great they actually were.


It’s a Girl + Why We Chose to Find Out the Gender!

March 14, 2019

Waiting to find out our first baby’s (Owen) gender until birth was truly one of the greatest surprises of mine and Zack’s lives. We felt, at the time, that it was something so special in a world that pushes for immediate results, information and the satisfaction of knowing all of the things all around the clock. We both felt in our guts for the majority of my pregnancy that he was in fact a boy all along even though we had nothing to compare it to. But even with that intuition it was still the best feeling to get to push him out and officially hear the word’s, “It’s a boy!”.


A Simple, Slow, Everyday Kind of Morning at Home

March 12, 2019

About a month ago I put out a series of polls and questions to you guys about what you were enjoying from Household and what you wanted to see more of. Like the absolute nerd I am I wrote down every last suggestion and put them all into a Google Sheet so I could keep coming back to them when writers block hit or when I simply needed some direction.


My Favorite, Healthy, Easy Pregnancy Snacks

March 6, 2019

I experienced morning sickness both when I was pregnant with Owen and this time around. The difference between the two is that with Owen I was nauseous first thing in the morning, would eat breakfast and then would feel wildly better – no vomit, nothing too challenging honestly. This time around that nausea, at least in the first trimester, lasted all day long. I would have the same need to eat right away, but within an hour and a half to two hours it would hit again and it would come like that all day and all night long. Oddly enough toward the end of my first trimester if I didn’t immediately put food in my mouth upon waking I would even vomit. Fun, fun stuff you guys. So my cure? Eat small snacks all day and all night long.


What I Wore In My First Trimester

March 5, 2019

With Owen (my first pregnancy) I wore my jeans comfortably early into my second trimester without an issue. I definitely gained some weight and bloated a bit, but nothing too noticeable in my first trimester. This pregnancy has been wildly different. I mentioned it in my first trimester pregnancy journal, but by six weeks I had already outgrown the majority of my pants. Rather than bloating like I did with Owen, I popped really early with a round little belly. I quickly found myself scrambling for clothes I could actually wear.


Five Ways We’re Preparing Owen for a Younger Sibling

March 4, 2019

A quick google search will make it apparent that there are certain ways professionals encourage parents to prepare their older children for new siblings.

Our stance might be different than yours or the professionals and that is perfectly okay, we are just doing our best and what feels right for our little guy. Zack and I agreed early on that it was important to us that this pregnancy was an experience felt by our whole family, not just me, not just Zack and I, but Zack, Owen and I. Owen is young and sure he doesn’t understand exactly how the baby made its way into my body, but he does understand the concept that a little brother or sister is growing inside my belly and for us, that’s enough of a foundation to build on. And hell you guys, it’s really fucking exciting!


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