Our Unique Journey to Co-Sleeping

April 30, 2018

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If you’re caught up on Mom and Dad Made a Podcast episodes you know that co-sleeping was never the plan. It wasn’t something we decided until we were in the midst of sleepless, stressful, frustrating nights.


Mom and Dad Made a Podcast: Our Not So Conventional Gender Roles

April 18, 2018

Diving into our not so conventional gender roles as a married couple and parents on today’s episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast. Learn more about how we split up financial responsibilities, chores and parenting in our household so that our family can find the best balance possible! Download, listen, subscribe and rate and review the podcast.

All I Want for Mother’s Day

April 12, 2018

Growing up I never understood why when my brother and I asked my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day, without fail, she would answer, “Nothing, I just want to spend time with you guys and your dad!”. Sometimes there was even a pleading, “Seriously, don’t get me anything. I want you to spend your money on you.”. At the time this felt like such a mom response (and still does). Of course I always planned to spend the day with her, but even as a kid I knew it was important to show my gratitude for the woman I love the most in some other way.


Mom and Dad Made a Podcast: Ask Mom and Dad Anything!

April 11, 2018

Tune in to episode 30 of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast where we opened the door for you to ask us anything! During this recording we simultaneously celebrated 12 years of life together, caught up on this week’s parenting news and answered a handful of thoughtful questions from our lovely listeners about marriage, parenting, and freelancing! Download, listen, subscribe and rate and review the podcast if you get a moment.


Mom and Dad Made a Podcast: The Benefits of Co-sleeping

April 4, 2018

Co-sleeping was never our plan. We fought it hard the first year of Owen’s life because we felt there was a “right” way we needed to do things. Sharing a bed didn’t necessarily fit into our expectations as first time parents and we had the misconception that embracing co-sleeping would be some sort of a failure on our end. It wasn’t easy to process and let go of the immense amount of pressure we had placed on ourselves, but the moment that we really started listening to our guts things shifted for our family in the best way possible. On today’s episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast we’re sharing more about our journey with co-sleeping and why it’s been beneficial for our family. Download, listen & subscribe.


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