A Day in the Life: How to Balance Work, Parenthood and Marriage While Traveling

June 21, 2017

Zack and I have received a lot of questions about exactly how we’re finding the balance with work, parenthood and our marriage while traveling. I’d be lying if I said our current schedule is what we imagined before we started our travels. We definitely had a different idea of what our days would look like before we left NYC, but I think the way they’ve taken shape has been even better.


Breakthrough: Five Simple, Useful Travel Changes to Make Life Easier

June 20, 2017

When we made the quick decision to sell everything we own and travel the world we did our best to imagine everything we would need for our travels, what systems would be the most affective and what we would have to sacrifice in order to do this.

For most things, we were surprisingly spot on, but there are a few things we definitely would do differently if we were to start over (plus a few things we’re changing as we go).

We’re clearly not travel experts. At least not yet. But after two months we have certainly learned a thing or two and I thought I’d share those things with you in case you’re thinking of doing something similar or are even just taking an extended summer vacation with limited gear.


Together We Mother: A Father’s Day Letter to my Dad

June 15, 2017


It’s easy to thank you for being the most incredible dad, father figure to Zack and grandpa to Owen with Father’s day right about the corner, but more than anything this year I want to thank you for being you. Last week when you visited us in Berlin it reminded me that most kids don’t truly realize the full lives their parents had before they were born. I had obviously heard stories about your time spent in the military, serving at Check Point Charlie, but to be here with you as you saw it for the first time in thirty years was such an incredible experience. It’s crazy to think about how different both of our lives might be if you went back for a second tour of duty like you had planned. Would you still be in the military? What would mom have done for work? Would I have been born in Berlin? Would I have been born at all? Would Anthony have been born? So much clearly hinged on the wall coming down, but so much in our family hinged on that wall coming down too.


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