How to Create a Simplistic Capsule Wardrobe You’ll Love

May 25, 2017

I shared my capsule travel wardrobe a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to dive a little deeper and explain how I prepared, why I chose the items I did, my ideas for keeping things fresh, and how you can create a capsule wardrobe with twenty pieces (accessories included) that has everything you’ll need and want to wear!


Surprise! There’s No Sure Fire Way to Avoid Jet Lag with a Toddler

May 23, 2017

I’d like to tell you that we’ve figured out the secret to avoiding jet lag with a toddler, but the honest and real answer is that we haven’t. What I can do is reassure you that if you’re in the depths of arriving to a new time zone and are dealing with inconsistent sleep schedules you certainly aren’t alone. It took just over two weeks for Owen to fully adjust to the six hour time difference between New York City and Paris and while it was a trying two weeks in many ways we did our best to go with the flow, let Owen sleep when he was tired and make the most of our wonky schedule as we acclimated to our new life.


Create a Beautiful, Easy Meal with These Paris Essentials

May 16, 2017

We arrived to Paris early in the morning on a Wednesday. The owner of our Airbnb was kind enough to meet us early, help us get settled, and even sent us an extra long list of local recommendations we might need during our stay. After a long nap we decided to venture out and pick up the essentials we would need for dinner that night. By accident, I think we started a tradition that we will carry on to each and every place we land because we loved it so much. In an effort to get to know our neighborhood, the local shops and practice the language a bit, we went to a handful of places to get what we needed. And by handful I mean pretty much one item a place. We found our local bakery, cheese shop, charcuterie meat shop, wine shop, produce market and a standard market for dry goods, milk for Owen and so on. We used to do this sort of thing in Brooklyn all the time, but for some reason in a new place it was just a whole other level of excitement. Over the course of the last week or two we’ve narrowed down our local essentials to a small list and thought we would share them with you. Keep in mind we are staying in the 18th arrondissement, we are a decent distance from the Eiffel Tour and all that jazz. It’s much more of a neighborhood feel and we are really enjoying it!


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