A Playlist for Procrastinating Packers

November 7, 2017

Not only are we heading to New Orleans tomorrow, but when we get back we will be switching our home base from my family to Zack’s so you can say I’m especially dragging my feet when it comes to getting our very few belongings organized. So much so that I thought it would be wise to make a playlist and share it with you here as motivation, haha. Enjoy!

The Leap to Travel Deepened our Connection as a Family

October 2, 2017

For our family, these last five months have truly deepened our connection. We have learned how to slow the heck down, live with less and not obsess about the future. Key word here is obsess, because regardless of the type-a in me slowly fading, there will always be a little bit of that version of myself tied up in my present.


The Secret for Stress-Free Carry-On Family Travel

September 18, 2017

If you’ve been following along here for awhile you know that in order to travel the world with Owen this summer we sold everything and downsized to just what we could carry-on an airplane as a family of three.


Mom and Dad Made a Podcast: We’re Back in NYC!

September 13, 2017

We’ve landed stateside and we’re spending our first couple weeks back in NYC! Listen to the next episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast as we chitchat about what it has been like to visit the last place we called home, what we’ve been up to in Brooklyn and what our plans are for the rest of the year. As always download, listen and subscribe here.

Montreal Travel Guide + Our Last International Home of the Year

September 6, 2017

When we walked into our Montreal Airbnb Zack and I couldn’t believe our eyes. Was this the place we booked? It was GORGEOUS, larger than any other home we’ve stayed in since May (or lived in ever) and felt like the perfect place to rest our heads for the month of August.


Mom and Dad Made a Podcast Recap: From Paris to Montreal

August 30, 2017

So we’ve been a little off schedule with the podcast since we’ve started our travels, but we are happy to say that we have recorded at least one podcast per city and our next episode is up!


How to Find the Perfect Neighborhood While Traveling with Airbnb

August 13, 2017

Since we’ve been living in Airbnb’s since May we have certainly learned a thing or two about renting places in the perfect neighborhood for our family. The way I have written this piece is designed to help you regardless of what you’re looking for. I can recognize that most people probably aren’t looking for the exact set up that we are when it comes to traveling, but it can be easy to get confused when you’re booking a place in an area you aren’t familiar with.


Ten Things for the Weekend : Road Trip Edition!

August 11, 2017

Since we just drove all through Iceland I thought it might be fun to position these links with a road trip spin. I’m always on the hunt for podcasts, audio books, new music, games and all the wonderful distractions for road trips and thought that there just might be some of you who are also planning an end of the summer vacation. Hope these come in handy!


Travel Guide: What to See and Expect in Iceland with a Toddler

August 9, 2017

Iceland is somewhere Zack and I have dreamed of traveling to since we met in high school and were obsessed with Sigur Ros and their film Heima. When we left NYC we didn’t necessarily have intensions of coming here, but when we were trying to figure out what place we should briefly visit in between Hvar and Montreal (to break up the travel days) it seemed like a no brainer. I think the conversation went something like, “Why wouldn’t we do Iceland?”. Zack didn’t take much convincing.


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