Meet Chrissy Powers + Learn How Motherhood Transformed Her Career Path

October 3, 2019

Chrissy Powers and I connected back when I was pregnant with Owen and she was pregnant with her second son Zeeke. At that time we were both fairly new to blogging and the whole Instagram world and more than anything she was another mom I could connect with considering I was the first in my local friend circle to have a baby. Flash forward almost four years later and we have both started our own podcasts, have grown our blogs to be full-time businesses, by the time this goes live we will have each given birth to baby girls (writing this in my final weeks of pregnancy with June!) and have built an almost co-worker esc relationship where we can bounce whatever is happening work wise off of each other. Chrissy is a true jack-of-all-traders and I am thrilled to share her greatness here with you! So let’s get to it.

Chrissy! I feel like these questions are ones I have wondered over and over again through the years and I am over the moon that we are officially sitting down to chat. I’ve always found each of the hats you wear creatively, professionally and personally such an interesting mix and I think my readers will too. For anyone who hasn’t “met” you online or in person, tell them a little bit about who you are and what you do!

You are so sweet and I’ve always been grateful that the internet brought us together. So a little bit about me… I’m in a constant state of trying to figure out who I am… like who I truly am behind all the labels and roles I play on the outside and more than ever I’m trying to integrate that into my work as a blogger/influencer online. I’m definitely a multi hyphenated mama…. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, mom to three, wife, creator and writer at, podcast host of the Sure, Babe Podcast, career coach and influencer @chrissyjpowers. Phew, I’m exhausted just typing all that out but the truth is I don’t all those things at once.

I’d love to know more about how you balance it all so this is a two parter, hah! First off I’d love to know how you’ve maintained your marriage and family therapist career as well as running your photography business and blog? Blogging and social media, for me, can often times feel so toxic that I’ve always been curious how the therapist part of you manages it. 

I started my career as an MFT before I had children so it wasn’t as challenging to balance it in my early days as a therapist but once I had my first child it was a sort of sacrifice as I wasn’t able to see as many clients or focus on my private practice. Incidentally around the same time I learned about blogging and fell in love with sharing about my motherhood journey online and making connections with other women. I felt like if I couldn’t be in an office seeing clients at least I could write about subjects like anxiety and postpartum depression and help others that way. 

Flash-forward a few years add two more kids and it’s a whole lot harder to balance this working/stay-at-home mom thing haha. So here’s the truth, I don’t always balance it all that well, sometimes I exasperate my husband and ignore my kids when I’m trying to get an email out or complete a task. Ah, I hate to admit it, but when I do I’m able to change things for the next time. If I feel guilt of any kind I like to assess it, learn from it and use it to be the kind of wife and mom I want to be in the future. So I’m learning I can’t do it all and operate the way I did when I had only two kids. I’m actually hiring a steady babysitter for the first time this fall when my other two kids go back to school and I’m so excited at the thought of having alone time to write and create more products that help women! My goal is to create true “work hours” for myself and when I come home to be more present with my kids. That being said, if you’re a mother who is the primary caregiver for your kids and you want to have a side hustle you totally can! I often work during the morning hours when my kids are watching TV, during nap-time, bedtime or when my husband comes home for work or when I hire a babysitter I batch work! I no longer see clients in an office because I had to prioritize my own family this last year of having a new baby but my dream is to open up my own office soon to see clients again as well as my creative coaching clients. I want to have a place to combine all my careers haha!

Now, for the rest of those hats, what are your thoughts on balance? Do you feel like you have you found a way to truly juggle motherhood, your career, marriage, self-care, friendships? 

I don’t really believe in balance. I believe in a constant prioritization of what really matters. There might be a season that comes where one of my kids really needs more of me and I have to say no more and then other times I’m able to accomplish a lot…. it’s all about healthy prioritization. When I see my marriage being neglected, which lets face it, when raising 3 small kids it really is neglected these days ha ha…. I try to schedule a date night once a month, connect with my husband throughout the day; we like to send each other posts on Instagram, podcast episodes or music that we’re listening too and I think it helps us feel more connected. In terms of self-care I try to multitask that like to run while my kids nap in the jogging stroller or a 30 min HIIT workout in my garage while my kids play. My husband and I have a very egalitarian relationship so he does just as much around the house as I do and tells me to go to happy hour with my girlfriends when I’m stressed ha ha. There’s this beautiful French restaurant in our town called Jeune et Jolie and a few of my friends and I will meet up there once or twice a month at 5:00pm for soup, bread and wine then we’ll rush home to help put our kids to bed but having that time to connect with my girlfriends is so life-giving and fills me up.

What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have any morning routines / rituals that help you set the stage for a balanced day? 

Yes I get up with my kids and sit down to a cup of coffee and my journal. I try to start my day by writing 10 things I’m grateful for then read a short devotional or meditate. It doesn’t look the same each day because each day with kids is different ha ha. But the days that start like this are usually better and I’m more centered and grounded in truth.

I find that I’m more regimented with my social media use than most of my friends, I’m assuming that that’s because it’s my job – hah. Where does social media fit into your days? Do you set time limits or have a structured schedule with it all?

Ha ha I hear you on this! The old me would sit and scroll for hours looking at everyone else photos but since it’s become a job it doesn’t hold much appeal for me anymore. I love it still and love all the connections and opportunities it’s brought me, it just takes so much more energy from me these days. I’m trying to be better at protecting my energy and having boundaries with social media is definitely part of that. I probably spend 1 hour a day on Instagram which includes posting, commenting and writing back to DM’s. 

For those who aren’t familiar with your blog or social channels, how would you describe the content you create? Does your background in therapy ever flow over into what you share?

It’s only been about a year since I started to become more intentional about sharing more therapeutic content. I launched my first e-course called “FIND YOUR VOICE: A MINDFUL APPROACH TO MAKING YOUR PASSIONS PROFITABLE”… It was such a labor of love and I’m so proud of how it’s helped others personally and professionally. But honestly I’m mostly known for mommy blogging so I’m slowing making a transition to including more content that establishes me more as a therapist and coach. On my podcast though I talk all the time about therapeutic interventions, marriage, parenting tools and ways to live a better life!

What’s one thing you’re loving about your creative field at the moment? What’s one thing you’re wishing was different? 

I’ve always loved photography and art; my BA is actually in art and photography so I love capturing those real, raw yet beautiful moments of motherhood and life in general. I wish that more people posted the real stuff and less staged photos…. I’m totally guilty of staging things because if you’re in this field of blogging and influencing you kind of have to, but I wish that more people could see the beauty in the everyday.

If you could give women and mothers one piece of advice, what would it be? 

You’re going to be okay, nothing stays the same, learn as you go, mistakes can be your greatest teacher and you kids are blessed to have you as their mom.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Gahhhh I frequently need to take my own advice! I would say CHRISSY chill out and be content with where you’re at in life. You don’t always need to be achieving, your worth is not in what others think of you…..can you tell I’m an Enneagram 3? Ha ha!

Anything else you want to share?! 

I just completed my first GROW WITH GRATITUDE group on Facebook and it was amazing! Each day I showed up LIVE to teach about how to implement gratitude in a different area of our life in order to grow in that area like: finances, career, relationships, social media and finding joy in the mundane. The response was tremendous, one person received two new job offers that week while practicing this work I was teaching…. I was so excited and I’m even more excited to make it into a course soon. You can click here to opt into it and get a freebie!

Find Chrissy’s on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Learn more about her e-course, join her gratitude Facebook group and read a wonderful piece about staying in love with your spouse on!

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