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July 31, 2017

Keeping up with consistent, quality blog content can be quite the challenge when you’re juggling your personal life, social media accounts and other forms of business. With the exception of some crazy weeks of travel, I am in the process of upping my blog content to a consistent five posts a week.

Since this is an area I get so many questions about I thought I’d share a little bit about my process to hopefully inspire those of you who are looking to take blogging a bit more seriously.

Below you will find a template blog schedule. I will get into all the details on this, but before I do so I wanted to give you a visual.

My Content Calendar

Breaking Down Your Categories into Consistent Topics

This is always my first suggestion when someone comes to me asking for advice on what to share on their blog. Every blogger has a category section like mine on their site. Ask yourself, “what do I want to share here?”. Establish your categories with intention and purpose with the mindset that this will be the type of audience you attract as well as business. Here are my steps to dissecting consistent topics from my categories.

1. Select a category for each day you plan to share on a weekly basis. You can see that on Monday’s I plan to rotate between business and travel posts – that’s okay too! Just find what makes the most sense to you. Here’s my breakdown of categories for the week:

Monday – Business / Travel
Tuesday – Home + Design
Wednesday – Motherhood
Thursday – Food + Drink
Friday – Weekend Links

2. Think long and hard about your ability to come up with content for each of these topics. Can you commit to your audience that you will be able to deliver content consistently? If not, scale back. It’s important that your audience can come back to your site and see that you’re keeping it up. And the beauty is you get to choose here! You also always have the option to bring on contributors, but more on that later.

3. Brainstorm ideas for each category. Once you feel confident about creating content for each of your categories weekly, start brainstorming different ideas. For me this is either the notepad on my phone or a small one I keep in my purse where I have scribbled on nearly every corner (I suggest the phone). It helps to keep you organized! I don’t necessarily do this all in one sitting either. Write ideas down as they come to you.

4. Prior to the start of each month go through your notes and start assigning dates to these ideas. It’s important to me to have a game plan of what the month is going to look like. If you’re feeling stumped on ideas turn to your Pinterest boards for inspiration (that you’ve already saved), look back on your social media posts that you shared in the moment that really resonated – there might be something more there to dive into. Write what you know and what you’re feeling. Don’t try to be anyone else here!

5. Create some repeating posts. The posts that will repeat each week for me will be an inspiring spaces feature, a recipe and weekend links. These are posts I know I can count on weekly and decrease the stress of wondering what I should write about down drastically. I even created a template for my weekend links posts – it really helps to keep things efficient.

6. Write out a content calendar. I use google cal, but an old fashioned calendar on your wall is just as good. Stick to your deadlines!

Work with Other Content Creators Who Do it Better Than You

Not only do I love the opportunity to share someone else’s space or recipes with my community, but they help me by providing the site with consistent content. Writing five pieces a week is a lot of work, but having some staple pieces like this is such a relief. Plus, can you imagine what it would be like if I tried to run around photographing other people’s homes and writing stories about it? Or, if I tried to create these Pinterest worthy recipes while traveling with a toddler? Not gonna happen. If you can learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and embrace them you’ll be better because of it.

Write Headlines That Really Communicate What You’re Sharing

I honestly didn’t even think about headlines until Zack started his copywriting business. Here’s a site that will give you a score on your blog post title, sometimes it takes me a bit of time but I always aim for a 70 or above here! This isn’t just important for SEO, but when you’re sharing your articles with people who follow you on social media you really want to get your point across and encourage them to read more.

Quality Over Quantity

If it’s not coming to you, don’t force it! Also, don’t rush it. There have been times I’m just so eager to share at a specific time that I’ve hit publish before the piece was really ready. You want your content to be rich in quality and keep readers coming back so don’t sacrifice just to get something out on time.

Learn When to Adjust

Obviously life will come up and sticking to a specific calendar isn’t always going to be ideal, so of course it’s okay to adjust during those times. Developing a calendar for me is more so a guide to keep me on track. This week the posts you see here will be slightly different than what you see here.

Do you guys have any methods for coming up with blog topics and content calendars? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Thanks for sharing these tips, Hailey! Being consistent with my blogging is something I always struggle with and just blamed it on my personality. Reading about how simple the content calendar and creating topics can be really encourages me!

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