Ten Details to Complete Owen & June’s Shared Brooklyn Bedroom

September 25, 2019

This post was sponsored by Crate and Kids. 

Just before June made her arrival we spruced up her and Owen’s shared bedroom in our Brooklyn apartment. It was important to us that the space was broken up in a way that gives each kiddo their own corner, while still encouraging play together. We felt we had separated it nicely, but that there were still a few details / some additional play accessories we wanted to bring in, especially now that June is officially here! 

Since we’re very intentional with what we bring into our small space it was important that aside from a few decorative pieces, that each item was functional and something that would last the kids for a significant amount of time. Here are the ten details we added to complete their bedroom! 

1. Three more baskets! We picked up this Crate and Kids Exclusive Geo Yellow Wire Floor Basket, the Water Hyacinth Basket and Crate and Kids Exclusive Rainbow Semi Circle Basket. These baskets all hold a combination of both Owen and June’s toys, blankets and activity mats. 

2. A reading light for Owen’s corner. We’re big readers and with Owen starting Pre-K this year we feel it’s important to encourage him in every way to read. This exclusive Crate and Kids Single Wall Mounted Adjustable Light is perfect for bedtime stories and can also act as a night light if needed! 

3. A tummy time playmat for June! We were late to start tummy time with Owen and I’m so excited to have this Crate and Kids exclusive Modern Activity Playmat to encourage June to get a head start with being mobile. I also love that we can easily roll it up and tuck it away to clear floor space. 

4. The perfect, over the crib wall hanging. As much as we want to encourage both of the kids to bring in whatever decorations feel right for their space, while we have a little more control, we are doing our best to keep things relatively neutral. This Crate and Kids exclusive Mixed Material Wall Hanging fit the bill when it came for the perfect piece to hang over June’s crib!

5. An activity chair! We were set on our bassinet, crib, swing and high chair but we were missing an activity chair for June. This Crate and Kids exclusive Busy Baby Activity Chair is especially nice since it’s so light weight and can easily be moved from room to room! 

6. More baby toys! How cute is this Crate and Kids exclusive Huggable Rattle? It’s been so nice with the kids age gap to truly see a difference in their toys and stock up on the items we know June will love. I’m sure this gap will narrow down with time, but right now there’s absolutely no fighting over belongings and Owen has been loving bringing toys to June! 

7. A special, mirrored shelf. We moved the hook that was originally here to a lower point so Owen could easily hang his back pack up, and this Crate and Kids exclusive Wall Shelf and Mirror were the perfect fit for this space. With two kids the more shelving – the better! 

8. A caddy for breastfeeding. Okay, this is something silly I practically day dreamed about with Owen and never took the time to put together, but this time I wanted to make it happen. This Crate and Kids exclusive Leather Handle Caddy is perfect for storing everything you need for your breastfeeding sessions or diaper changes if you don’t have a table. I keep diapers, a changing mat, wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, a water bottle, chapstick, lotion, my phone and sometimes even snacks just to make my life easier in the middle of the night! 

What are some of the small details you remember about your kid’s rooms in times like these? Anything you can’t imagine their space without?

Photography by Amy Frances

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