After a Year in the States We’re Heading To Europe, Again

August 28, 2018

This weekend we will be packing up our backpacks once again and heading to Europe. This time we won’t be selling all of our belongings, bringing our pup to our folks or moving out of our apartment, we’re just taking a normal vacation. It feels serendipitous that our first stop in Europe will be Paris (also our first stop on our long-term international travels last year). I have butterflies just thinking about it.

Timing is certainly funny and fitting. Nearly a year and a half ago we were jetting off to Paris in search of time and connection as a family and here we are, kinda sorta doing the same thing all over again under completely different circumstances.

Our friends Sam and Andy are having their official wedding celebration in Lisbon, Zack’s officiating and we figured, why not make a longer trip out of it? So we brainstormed. Originally we wanted to visit Paris, Lisbon and really any city in Italy, but it ended up making more sense financially and time wise to visit Paris, Lisbon and Madrid (the first European city Zack and I ever visited together). Gonna save Italy for its own trip since we’ve never been!

After a few more conversations we got to talking about how amazing it might be to have some extra hands to help with Owen so that, you know, Zack and I could maybe eat a meal, in Paris, without a toddler? Just some parenting dreams that I’m sure you can all relate to. When Zack informed me that his mother had never left the country it was a no-brainer. We had to bring Gammy. Needless to say, I’m at least equally excited to show my mother in law around Europe as I am for the wedding (sorry Sam and Andy ;)).

Traditionally, it wouldn’t be ideal for Zack to take a vacation just a few weeks into a new job, but his company has been super understanding since the trip was planned prior to his interview and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for a true vacation. No emails, no deadlines, no writing assignments or phone calls. Less stress and more time to truly connect as a family and enjoy this much needed and deserved vacation. Cannot wait to unplug. 

There’s no perfect science when it comes to juggling work and marriage and parenting and health and self-care and friendships and household chores and family and well, everything, but I have a feeling that after this trip we’re going to have a fresh perspective on this great life we live. I’m looking forward to every inch of it.

Looking back on old travel tips and posts to get us prepped for this vacation and I came across this post and, well now I’m crying:

Yesterday we said goodbye to the home we’ve spent the last two years in. It’s the place we brought Owen from the hospital to, where Zack and I became parents, where I found my rhythm with breastfeeding, where we experienced many sleepless nights and wrestled with whether or not to sleep train, where we committed to baby led weaning, where Zack and I learned what it really means to compromise and take care of each other, where we found our village, where Owen took his first steps and where we decided with champagne and French fries less than a month ago to take the leap to leave this home for bigger adventures. We decided that night to choose experiences over belongings and to live a life we could enjoy today, not just when we retire. Life happened within these walls and I’m grateful for every last second of it. Thank you for following our journey here.”

I can’t imagine that we will grow in the same way we did in these ten days of vacation as we did in our eight months of nomadic life, but I’m looking forward to every inch of this trip.

Photography by Amy Frances. Top by dRA.

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