My Favorite Pregnancy Friendly Workout App Out of the Three I Tried

March 19, 2019

After I read A Cup of Jo’s, I Tried Three Workout Apps, and Here’s What Happened article I knew I wanted to recreate something similar that covered pregnancy workout apps. Even before I found out I was expecting I had started using apps to get a workout in and was so surprised at how great they actually were.

I turned to apps for a few reasons before I found out I was pregnant. First and foremost I needed to find something that made the most sense for my schedule. Between work and not having childcare, workouts tend to get pushed to the bottom of my priority list. Working out at home for around 30 minutes has actually felt possible and easy enough to balance. On top of needing to make the most of my time I had to find something that was feasible financially. Last year I was spending close to $200 a month for a hot yoga membership and in 2019 I could not swing it. I love, love, love the studio, but budget wise it was just not doable. So apps came to the rescue!

When I found out I was expecting I knew I would want to continue using apps but wanted to explore my options. My first trimester was pretty much a wash when it came to exercising but now that I’m in the midst of the second trimester I’m feeling better and ready to get back into the swing of working out. Find info on the three pregnancy friendly workout apps I’ve tried and which was my favorite!

J&J 7 Minute Wellness for Moms, Free

When you download J&J 7 Minute Wellness for Moms you simply put in your due date, choose your fitness and energy levels and any discomfort you might be experiencing that particular day. Your workout is then catered to exactly what you need. For whatever reason based on the information I put it my workout was 15 minutes rather than 7, but it was great! It’s not your traditional workout video but essentially a repeating sequence of exercises you move through until your time is up (stop-motion).

Pluses: It’s free, I was genuinely sore the following day after completing the workout and at least from the exercises I completed, there was no equipment necessary (weights, bands, etc.).

Minuses: There aren’t a ton of options for different kinds of workouts. It’s purely based on how you’re feeling and where you’re at in your pregnancy which is wonderful but doesn’t allow much variation.

obé Fitness, 7 day free trial, $27/month

obé Fitness is one of those wonderful apps that has both live classes you can sign up for and on demand classes. And unlike J&J, these are full fledged classes with an instructor and theme or workout focus, plus they’re fancy and are filmed with simple backdrops and neon lights. When it come to prenatal classes I have yet to see them in the live section, but they do have quite a variety of yoga, dance, sculpt and power classes in their on demand section (as well as an equally large section of postnatal classes as well). Classes are generally just under 30 minutes.

Pluses: I like that it’s filmed in a more approachable, motivating way rather than a stop-motion feel, that they have a variety of classes and that they allow you to try for a week before you buy!

Minuses: It’s expensive, in my opinion, for an app. I think the price might be worth it if I wasn’t expecting and could really take advantage of the live classes as well as the full catalog of on demand classes. But, for what they offer for their pregnant customers I’m not sure it’s worth the investment.

Tone it Up, 7 day free trial, $12.99/month, $83.88/year

Just like obé Fitness, Tone it Up allows access to live and on demand classes. Their classes are similar as far as production value, but are more often than not are filmed on the beach. I’ve found that the Tone it Up instructors are much more upbeat and motivating than other apps I’ve tried (sometimes cheesy and to a fault, but hey, it works). Unfortunately, just like obé Fitness, the pregnancy classes are primarily on demand, at least from my experience. They have a wide variety of 30 minute or less yoga, strength (both with and without weights and bands) and meditation classes that I really love as well as their version of the J&J 7 Minute Workouts (they call them their daily moves). If you complete these make sure to consult with your doctor / do your research on what workout moves are unsafe during pregnancy.

Pluses: it’s my favorite! It’s affordable, has the best variety of classes for your money and truly produces results. They also have a variety of postnatal and traditional workouts so you can stick with this app after your pregnancy is over!

Minuses: I would love to see a live pregnancy class on the schedule but I still think it’s the best option!

Photography by Amy Frances.

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