My First Trimester with Baby #2: Week-by-Week

February 28, 2019

It took everything in me not to shout that I was pregnant the moment I found out from the rooftops. Not because I was necessarily ready to be open about the news (I was honestly terrified beyond belief that I would go through another miscarriage) but because I believe there isn’t enough transparency around the first trimester of pregnancy and that needs to change. I had so many moments where I wanted to turn to you guys and ask, “did this happen to you?” or “did you feel this way when this or that happened?” but instead I turned to Google and did my best to sift through the countless articles. Despite my obvious excitement, early in the first trimester felt really lonely.

I, of course, understand why we prefer to stay quiet about a lot of it. It’s a challenging time full of fear and unknowns and having an audience of any size for those moments can make it all just feel too overwhelming. That’s at least how Zack and I felt. We knew that even if our worst fears came true with this pregnancy that we would eventually share those hard truths with you guys. Even so we wanted to do it on our own terms. We’re so grateful to say that this pregnancy has been very healthy and we’re moving into our second trimester as good as can be.

That being said each time I found myself turning to Google with questions I made notes. Especially about the things that made me anxious. No one’s pregnancy is the same, but we all share something in common. We’ve all had a weird check up or symptom we’re just not sure of, even if it’s not our first baby. This is my effort to find more ways for us to talk about these things.

And a fair warning, this post has some details that not everyone might love. So here it goes, a slightly lengthy (sorry) first trimester pregnancy journal.

Four weeks. The days leading up to Christmas I was convinced my period was coming because I had light, brown spotting – a typical symptom of my impending period. When the spotting stopped around the time of my expected period I thought it was odd, but didn’t think too much of it. After all I had had a miscarriage just two months before and assumed things might just be a little off. I also reassured myself that my period must be on it’s way because I didn’t have any spotting when I was pregnant with Owen (a common misconception that your pregnancies are going to be same, spotting is very common in early pregnancy). But, I must have had a subconscious feeling I was pregnant because I went ahead and took a test which was a bold positive! You can read more about that story here.

5 weeks. I think it’s safe to say that five weeks pregnant sparked the most anxiety and fear for me. At five weeks you are still in the window for a chemical pregnancy, it’s the same timeframe we lost our baby in October and yet it’s still too early to see anything on an ultrasound. Your only option that early is to wait and see. It takes a lot of patience and presence to really move through it. Because of course on top of all of that stress you also want to actually feel the excitement that you are in fact having a baby. I at least felt like staying positive was the most helpful thing I could do, but it’s easier said than done.

I found myself really enjoying the Headspace sessions on pregnancy – they helped me process the complex feelings I was having with so much more peace and acceptance than I otherwise was feeling. I can’t recommend them enough. Overall I felt different than I did the last time which led me to believe that things were healthier this time around but it was hard to shake the nerves. I was exhausted and starting feeling the beginnings of morning sickness (or as I like to call it all day sickness), which is so different than my pregnancy with Owen.

I was crippled by fear but I felt like it was okay to tell my friends and family closest to us that live in NYC which was helpful. I really needed their support and of course wanted to share our excitement too. And just like that, we passed through the window of chemical pregnancy and took our first deep breath.

6 weeks. Maybe it’s because it’s baby number two but by six weeks I had outgrown 98% of my pants already! It was definitely a combination of bloating and beginning to show but it definitely helped me to feel more and more reassured that my pregnancy symptoms were strong. Plus, my morning sickness and exhaustion picked up another notch and while I was still doing some at home workouts they were becoming more and more difficult. I think this has been one of the few times in my life that I’ve been happy to feel sick. I know it’s common for some women not to experience too many pregnancy symptoms but my doctors have always reassured me that it’s never a bad thing to feel them so I took it as a good sign.

I did have some slight brown spotting, but no blood. It of course made me nervous but it was brief and everything I read made me feel reassured that it was common.

We chose to tell Owen early. Maybe that wasn’t our best move, but I think we really started feeling positive about everything and we’re just so excited! We didn’t bust out any books or push the topic too much but we told him the news and then he started to get really excited (which was completely different than the last time where he just kept saying no haha).

Zack and I went to our first doctor’s appointment at 6 weeks and 6 days and saw and heard the heartbeat. We felt a wave of reassurance and finally, finally took a deep breath. That night we called our parents to break the news to them! They were beyond surprised.

7 weeks. The day after my doctor’s appointment I experienced a quick rush of spotting followed by a small brown clot and some mild cramps. It sent us into a panic. Zack rushed home from work, we made a quick appointment with our doctor (who assured us on the phone that it was most likely from the pap smear I had along side the ultrasound the night before – they had used the brush which is known to cause spotting but had not mentioned that) and we hurried over to their office. Our doctor was so wonderful with us. She took us in right away, let us get a look at the baby, the heartbeat and did an examination. She reassured me that everything looked perfect and that the spotting and clot was most likely just from the exam the day before. We were instructed to alert her if any bleeding continued but that everything should be fine.

And it was. But goodness, we really let ourselves get so scared. With Owen we were so naive. Not only did we not experience a single hiccup but we weren’t all that aware of what those potential hiccups even looked like. And honestly I think it’s better that way sometimes. There are so many things we can worry about as parents that are out of our control and well, this pregnancy has been a crash course in letting go.

My morning sickness continued and I found myself having to eat small snacks every couple of hours to keep myself functioning. There wasn’t any vomit, just a constant feeling of nausea. At this point I was still working out but transitioned into more gentle classes like yoga and stretching – no more weights or high intensity.

8 weeks. Okay, at this point working out is officially off the table. My morning sickness is too intense and whenever I’m feeling good enough to exercise and do I just end up feeling so much worse. Not worth it! I’m trying to get in as many long walks as I can with the cold weather but even that is a lot most days. I’ve started taking a B6 supplement to help with the nausea and tummy drops when I need a quick fix.

Owen is talking about the baby more and more. He really wants the baby to be a girl which is so sweet. He keeps saying he wants a, “little sister”. We brought out the books about welcoming a sibling to the family and he’s already memorized them. It feels like the concept is really starting to click for him which is super exciting!

If you listen to Mom and Dad Made a Podcast that means you’ve known our little secret for over a month! This is the week we leaked the news which was such a fun way to share all of this with a smaller audience. We love you guys!

9 weeks. Starting potty training again when you’re 9 weeks pregnant is a smart idea, right? Luckily for me I had my wonderful mother in law in town who offered to help and honestly once I found out I was expecting I knew I was going to have to take her up on it. Owen seemed ready and it needed to happen. So we did it – it was exhausting but we double teamed it and did it!

On another note, I’m still sick. And I officially can’t fit in any of my pants. Currently awaiting maternity pants – bring on the stretchy.

10 weeks. Traveling solo with a toddler when you’re 10 weeks pregnant is a smart idea, right? See the pattern here? Hah! It honestly wasn’t nearly as challenging as I was thinking it would be. Owen did so great on the way out, it was incredible to be around family and soak up some sunshine and we were able to continue potty training without skipping a beat – I’m so proud of him!

My nausea really isn’t letting up so I’ve decided to cut coffee out completely. Up until this point I was allowing myself a half cup to a cup a day, something I didn’t do in my first trimester with Owen but this time around I’m taking care of Owen so it only felt fair to my sanity and energy levels. Unfortunately my stomach cannot hang so it’s cold turkey for now!

I’ve had odd dreams throughout my pregnancy but this week they’ve gotten real strange. I’ve also been waking up to pee at least a few times a night (I feel like I’ve just done that since I was pregnant with Owen) but waking up / combined with these vivid dreams is making for some weird sleep patterns. Add caring for a toddler on top of all of that and I guess you can say I’m feeling exhausted, but happy, but exhausted!

11 weeks. Anxiety definitely started creeping up again for me as we approached our second ultrasound appointment. There’s something about those early weeks and just having to trust that your body will give you a sign if something is off. It’s challenging. You’re still in that wait and see range, you’re still in the window of common miscarriages so you know it’s not impossible, but you’re of course becoming more and more attached to this baby and what your life is going to look like with your new addition.

The first ultrasound was relieving but I think the second one is where I officially said to myself, okay you’re okay, it’s time to truly let go of fear and just enjoy this – truly, fully enjoy this. And I have! At this point I’ve gained 4 pounds and my belly has completely popped – I’m really looking like a pregnant lady again which is so exciting! With that I feel like my energy is beginning to come back and I’m finding myself more productive than I’ve been the rest of the pregnancy.

Something that isn’t as exciting is that I’ve started vomiting, so fun. Honestly, if I don’t open my eyes and immediately put food in my mouth I’m finding myself running to the bathroom, sometimes in the process of making the food. It’s a very narrow timeframe I have, but outside of that my symptoms are similar to what they’ve been throughout the pregnancy.

12 weeks. The last week of my first trimester! We had an additional ultrasound this week (the more in depth, 3D sort of kind) as well as genetic testing. We are still waiting on test results, but the ultrasounds went swimmingly and our little baby was moving around like crazy. We’ve brought Owen with us to all of our ultrasounds besides the first one and it’s something we plan to do throughout my pregnancy. It’s been really special to us to share this experience with him and watch his excitement grow!

My nausea seems to be beginning to mellow out, although there have still been a few mornings with vomit. I will say that I am so hungry these days. Still eating frequently but in larger quantities – I guess it’s just that time of the pregnancy! I’ve also jumped back into coffee and it’s been just fine.

Photography by Amy Frances taken at weeks 6, 11 & 12.

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  • Thank you so much for this post. I follow along with your blog and love all your content, but this post in particular felt like a gift. I had a miscarriage last year and found it hard to discuss with other people and found myself constantly Googling and searching for information about those incremental week to week transitions. Though I am not pregnant again yet, I find myself so drawn to learning more about those first few weeks of pregnancy, to learn for signs, to check in with other females about what takes place so when it does happen for me, I can maybe just have a glimmer of knowledge from someone first hand, versus your laundry list of symptoms we all know from a quick Google search. It’s strange it is such a looked over time frame in pregnancy, it seems. I appreciate your openness. It means so much. <3

    • You are SO welcome. Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to share such a kind note here. I’m so sorry for your loss. Much like you I have been so drawn to reading other peoples stories. Learning as much as I could about those early weeks provided a sense of comfort to me. Google can be so stressful and overwhelming, I really wish I could have read something like this too to help me find more clarity even though no path is the same. Sending out all the positivity for you love! <3 Thank you for being here!

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