What I Wore In My First Trimester

March 5, 2019

With Owen (my first pregnancy) I wore my jeans comfortably early into my second trimester without an issue. I definitely gained some weight and bloated a bit, but nothing too noticeable in my first trimester. This pregnancy has been wildly different. I mentioned it in my first trimester pregnancy journal, but by six weeks I had already outgrown the majority of my pants. Rather than bloating like I did with Owen, I popped really early with a round little belly. I quickly found myself scrambling for clothes I could actually wear.


Obviously this won’t be the case for every pregnancy. Each woman’s body is of course different and you might not show as early. Also, depending on the season you find out you’re expecting, you might have more in your closet you can work with. For instance if it was summer, I’d have no issue wearing my sundresses, high rise skirts and what not. But, in this case, I found out I was pregnant right after Christmas in the dead of winter. So pants and long enough sweaters and tops were clearly an issue.


Rather than sizing up in pants, my thought was let’s just invest now in some maternity staples I could wear throughout the duration of my pregnancy and I’m so grateful I have. I of course mixed in some non-maternity pieces that were fitting and classics I’ve had for some time, but I think it’s important to note that I haven’t been trying to disguise my pregnancy this time around. I leaned heavily on non-maternity jumpsuits, a lot of which accentuated my belly. I know some women don’t feel more comfortable doing so in the first trimester – especially if they’re working in an office so for a lot of these looks they might not be the most conducive to that. But, my hope is that there’s something here for everyone – especially the maternity specific pieces. 


Find links to all my favorite pieces (or similar ones) below + a special thank you to Madewell, Storq & Hatch for helping to make this post possible!

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