Five Morning Sickness Hacks That Worked for Me

March 28, 2019

Now that I’m settling into the second trimester I am happy to report that my morning sickness has almost completely subsided. That being said my first trimester was rough. I experienced all day nausea, and toward the end of the first trimester and even into my second trimester I experienced some vomiting. It has been essential (even still) that I eat as soon as I wake up. In the first couple months it was also crucial that I ate lots of small snacks throughout the day rather than large meals.

Eating early and regularly throughout the day were my biggest hacks when it came to relieving morning sickness, but when I was in a pinch and that wasn’t helping I turned to this list below. This was all so new to me in this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Owen I would feel slightly nauseous each morning but as soon as I ate it dissipated. This time around, as the morning sickness carried on through each day I found myself turning to friends who had been there and asking for their tips (thank you, Rachel). 

I figure there’s gotta be at least one other mom out there who’s going through what I was just a couple months ago that might benefit from this quick post. I’d also love to know if you guys have found any other hacks in the comments below!

1. Tummy Drops. I really loved both the ginger and peppermint flavors and ate every last one of these. Two bags got me through the hardest days of my first trimester. While I definitely ate my fair share at home, I kept them in my purse and they were a dream when I was out and about and unable to eat at that exact moment.

2. Vitamin B-6. Most days my nausea would chill out around dinner time but on the days where it carried into the night I turned to B-6 before bed to help me catch some sleep. I know there are mothers out there who swear by it in pregnancy and some that even pair it with half of and Unisom Sleep Tablet before bed. Of course please consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements. I was personally a little too freaked out to pair it with the sleeping tablet, and the B-6 worked great on it’s own.

3. Sparkling water / ginger beer. I’ve never quite understood the La Croix obsession until this pregnancy. Nearly every day of my first trimester I drank some form of sparkling water and would (and still do) grab a ginger beer if we’re out at a restaurant or bar. It’s also nice to keep at home for something special to drink every now and then. They both truly help to settle the stomach!

4. Hot water with lemon. I found that early on in my pregnancy it was helpful in the morning to eat first, have a cup of hot water with lemon and then eat another small snack to simply normalize. Plus, as a major coffee drinker who couldn’t stomach it early on in this pregnancy, it was at least nice to have a warm beverage in the morning.

5. Candied ginger. I’ve loved candied ginger for an upset stomach for quite some time, but I really went for it this pregnancy. If the taste of ginger isn’t your thing you can always try a ginger supplement. Both work wonders!

Photography by Amy Frances.

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