My Brother & I Designed a Shirt with Future People for Kiddos!

May 23, 2018

Beyond excited to share this super fun t-shirt design collaboration between myself, my brother, Anthony and Future People. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Future People, let me back up a bit. Matt and Steve, the owners of the brand, have created the most adorable children’s clothing company that not only fosters a space where education is cool, but they educate parents about foundational experiences that have a long-lasting impact on their child’s future and help to feed and educate refugee children.

Each of their education tees have a theme and help children to remember subjects like their animals, letters and colors. They even, very recently, did a project on modern shapes with Amanda Jane Jones, someone so many of us can admire. I first came across Amanda’s work as the primary designer for Kinfolk. Yes, Kinfolk! So you better believe that when they approached me about designing a tee I was over the moon.


But here’s the thing, despite having a degree in fashion design, I’m not necessarily what you would call a graphic designer. So when the wheels started to really turn on this project I immediately thought of my brother, Anthony, who is an incredible painter, illustrator, graphic artist and animator. Basically, everything he touches is a-mazing so I just had to bring him on board to help bring my idea to life.

If you’ve been following along here for awhile, you know we are all about food. And, I’m not sure about your kiddos, but Owen is absolutely going through a picky eating phase (the most heartbreaking phase for foodie parents). The one area he’s always been a bit more adventurous in is his fruits, hence the “I know my fruits” tee you see here. We chose his four favorite fruits to include in the design – blueberries, apples, grapes and bananas.

Anyone that knows Owen knows he eats about a pint of blueberries a day and never turns down the rest either. The kid loves his fruits.

The exciting news is that this tee is available to purchase today for your little ones! Their tees are the perfect addition to your kiddos summer wardrobe, a thoughtful and appreciated gift and a fun way to educate your children. To shop and snag 20% off of our design click here or use the code HAILEY20 at checkout.

Photography by Amy Frances.

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