Goodbye New York

April 13, 2017



Goodbyes are tough.

I’ve heard you aren’t technically considered a New Yorker until you’ve lived here for at least five years, but I’ve felt at home since the day we landed. Despite how tough this city can be (think, “If I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere”) we’ve had a great go at it. Zack’s job brought us here, we found an apartment on day two, I carried and birthed a healthy baby boy down the street from our place (and I walked – both before and after delivery), we made a few close friends quickly, our family supported us with their whole hearts and visited frequently, our best friends moved here, we started and grew businesses and if you ask me we made ourselves New Yorkers in no time. We abandoned the more suburban life we knew and sold our car, took the subway, started from scratch with belongings and made a home for ourselves in Brooklyn. We worked hard and the city rewarded us for our efforts. We found our bagel shop, our laundromat, our butcher, our deli, our market, our coffee shop, our bar. We found our home. We fell in love with this city, which is what makes saying goodbye so hard.

If you ask me it’s easier to leave something when things aren’t going your way, when you’re unhappy or in a rut. But that’s not the way I see our situation. Sure, us making the choice to leave New York to travel has its benefits, but I also don’t think we’d be out of luck if we stayed. We love it here. The decision to leave and travel, while it might not be forever, was done with great courage. It’s a risk. We don’t know for sure that the grass will be greener on the other side, but we have to check and see. I do know that our family will inevitably benefit from more time together and that the opportunity to work and see the world is rare and can’t be wasted. We owe it to Owen and we owe it to ourselves.

There is so much about this city I will miss, but regardless, here we go! Just a few last weeks of life in New York. If we come crawling back sooner than we’re anticipating at least we gave this a try. Playing it safe has never really been our thing and there are certainly butterflies in our stomachs which from experience has always been a good thing.

Thank you for every little thing NYC.














High heel clogs: BRYR, Sundress: Madewell.

Photography by Amy Frances.

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