5 Tips to Avoid the Last Minute Holiday Card Scramble with Artifact Uprising

November 17, 2017

So here’s the breakdown – for Owen’s first Christmas I didn’t order holiday cards at all, for his second Christmas I waited until the last minute to order hundreds of holiday cards and this year I’m dedicated to avoiding the last minute holiday card scramble with Artifact Uprising.

Last year I made the whole process much more stressful on myself than necessary. A tradition I always imagined being a fun, festive and relaxing quickly turned into a burning the midnight oil, hand cramping extravaganza. So much so that a handful of my cards we’re dropped off at the post office on Christmas Eve putting their arrival after the new year.

This year I decided in early November that I would choose a couple options for our photos, narrow down my list dramatically, get my addresses organized, play around with Artifact Uprising’s template options and order with plenty of time to address and mail them out to avoid the last minute holiday card scramble. Today I’m sharing my top five tips so you can do the same!

1. Select one vertical and one horizontal image you love for your cards. While I totally understand wanting to capture holiday photos of you and your family, sometimes the most natural everyday photos are perfect for your holiday cards. Don’t put too much pressure on it! Since we have been in warm weather since May our cards don’t have that traditional winter feel, but I’m okay with that. These cards capture us best this year and that’s what’s most important. Before I even started looking on Artifact Uprising’s site I chose vertical and horizontal images so that I had an option for any template I fell in love with.

2. Make a list of the friends, family and potential clients you want to mail cards to. Last year I went a little crazy on sending out holiday cards and this year I’ve committed to keeping my list a little lighter. Last year I also ended up having to buy generic cards after mine had arrived because I cut my order too short. Plan ahead so you avoid a gap! You know what’s realistic for you so don’t over do it. Start with your family, move on to close friends and go from there. What’s great about Artifact Uprising is you can order quantities as low as 10 and as high as 300 so there’s an option regardless of your holiday card list length.

3. Use google forms to collect and organize addresses. I’m doing this for the first time ever this year and I feel like such a grown up! Last year it was a mess of emails, texts, handwritten addresses and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off to piece them all together. This year I’m working on getting all my addresses organized early on and I may even take advantage of the fact that Artifact Uprising now offers addressing for both return and sending addresses at checkout for an additional $.40 per envelope.

4. Order from Artifact Uprising using their 80+ holiday card templates. With so many options, these templates are an absolute dream. Simply choose your desired template, upload your photo, customize your message, add your addresses if you wish and you’re done. The whole process honestly took me under 15 minutes. Envelopes are included, they take just 2 days to make and once you select your shipping method all you have to do is wait for them to arrive directly to your door. So, so easy!

5. Place your order by November 24th to receive 20% off your holiday card order with the code HHM20. Spoiler alert to all of our relatives – in addition to ordering our holiday cards from Artifact Uprising we’re gifting almost exclusively in photos this year. Ever since we had Owen it has simply been the way to go and our family members always love the sentiment. After traveling the world and learning to live with less this year, now more than ever we would so much rather gift something that’s going to invoke an experience over any other material object. If you’re wondering what to buy for your loved ones after you pick out the perfect holiday card make sure to browse the Artifact Uprising site and use the code HHM20 for 20% off your holiday cards when you purchase before November 24, 2017!

What tips and tricks have you guys established to making your holiday cards smooth and stress free? I’d love to hear! Also, help us make our final holiday card selection by visiting my Instagram! You can check out our top five selections here:

Hand-Lettered Merry Little Everything CardBold Merry Card with FoilAll That’s Unwritten Card with FoilHand-Lettered Merry! Holiday Card & Peace Holiday Card.

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