Home Meets Hotel in a Miami Oasis

May 10, 2018

A couple months ago we had an incredible opportunity to head south and check out Miami for a few days to work on a special project with Oasis. Oasis offers vacation rentals in hand picked homes, with hotel standards and high service. Think home meets hotel. After traveling and living in vacation rentals for the majority of last year, with a few hotel experiences sprinkled in between, Oasis is the perfect marriage of the two.

What does that mean exactly? With thousands of properties in over twenty cities, Oasis provides the comfort of a home without compromising the luxury of a hotel experience. Each of their properties offer crisp linens, speedy and free WiFi, toiletries and more. They’ve even created a unique position for their employees called a “Sidekick”, think of it as a personal concierge. They’re there to show you around your space and neighborhood, suggest local hot spots and to help you navigate through your vacation with ease. Talk about a dream.

And there’s more. One of the major reasons we chose to partner with Oasis are their new upgrades for families (yes, you read that right, a vacation rental that actually caters to families). Now when you book with Oasis you will have the opportunity to request stair gates, pack n’ plays, highchairs, play teepees, your kid’s favorite snacks and even beach toys where it makes sense. Our travel days are always easier when we’re carting around less baby gear so these sorts of upgrades are a total game changer. Plus, parents, how nice is it to have snacks waiting wherever you’re staying for your little ones? I don’t know about you guys, but the last thing I want to do after flying with a toddler is to make any stops before checking into our rental.

Needless to say we were excited to check Oasis out for ourselves.

We landed on a Monday afternoon, were greeted by our Sidekick in the lobby of the apartment building and taken up to the fortieth floor and into our downtown Miami rental, Urban Heights. He showed us around, filled us in on all the information we needed to know about our stay and let us settle in.

Maybe it was because we were on the fortieth floor, we’re in the midst of the sunset or that we had just traveled with a toddler all day, but as we began to unpack and take in the place we would call home for the next couple days it all felt pretty surreal. It was absolutely one of those “pinch me” moments and we quickly freshened up so that we could take in the city a bit before Owen’s bedtime. Did I mention that Amy came with us too? It was a full on Household team trip!

We had dinner and a bottle of wine on the patio of a delicious Italian market called La Centrale. It was one of those rare dinners that Owen actually cooperated at which always feels magical and only added to the enjoyment of our first night in Miami.

We got home and put him to bed fairly painlessly, but unfortunately he got sick in the middle of the night – a slight fever and an upset stomach. After a restless night, our Sidekick was readily available to let us know where we could find essentials and even offered to do the leg work and pick up anything we might need. How sweet is that? Luckily after a morning of hanging around the apartment Owen was back to himself and we were able to hit the beach with his sand toys by our side in the early afternoon.

In our welcome packet we received information about an area in South Beach where we would have access to a few beach chairs as one of our Oasis perks if we’d like. We of course took them up on the offer and our Sidekick made a reservation for us. We spent a few hours relaxing in the sun, letting Owen play in the sand and Amy, Zack and I shared a bucket of beers before we headed back to freshen up for dinner. It was just what us New Yorker’s needed after this brutal and long winter we’ve had.

That night, after dinner we found out our flight home was canceled due to the snowstorm in NYC and that we would be stuck in Miami for two extra nights. Slightly panicked, I reached out to our Sidekick who was incredibly reassuring and helped us find a place to stay for the remainder of our time in Miami. Crisis averted.

While it can be hard to go with the flow when you lose control of your plans, I think we all did a great job of embracing our extended vacation and realizing that there are definitely worse places to be stranded then Miami. A huge reason we were able to do so was the team at Oasis who made us feel right at home every step of the way. We made a point to visit the beach some more, check out the other restaurants we had on our list and even caught up on some work and sleep. I think it’s safe to say that we were all ready to come home that Friday, but we absolutely enjoyed ourselves in Miami. After staying with Oasis and experiencing their exceptional hospitality I can’t wait to book with them again.

Photography by Amy Frances.

This post was sponsored by Oasis.

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