Solid Family Foundation Found in A House on Hudson

October 10, 2017

Erin is a wife, mother, stylist and shop owner of Reservoir. Today I’m sharing a sneak peek into her house on Hudson, a little bit of her background and what helps her create a sense of home for her and her sweet family. Make sure to scroll through to to find links to Erin’s shop and social channels!

Erin, I’m so excited to get to know you a little better and to share your story of home with my readers! Tell us a little about you, how you got started with your blog and online shop, and the role home has played in the success of your business.

Thanks Hailey! First & foremost, I’m grateful to be a wife & new mom.  I’d also label myself as a tiny farmer and rug addict, but my true labor of love is a curated boutique I opened 6 years ago, called Reservoir.  I started Reservoir as a womenswear brand after working in luxury fashion for 8 years in NYC. Soon after, I discovered my love for other designers & craftsmen that shared my values of sustainability and American made. So when my husband and I moved to the Hudson Valley, opening the shop in 2012, was a way for me to bring all these incredible maker stories together under one roof.  I wanted to create a place where customers weren’t just purchasing products, but rather discovering a story and taking it with them.

But the blog came later. In fact, when I first had Carmella, it was tough for me to physically be in the shop.  So starting the blog was a way for me to feel connected to it.  When I bring new things into the store, its because I also want to use them in my day to day life.  Creating a new pie recipe while using my new tea towel set or curling up with the baby in our favorite Pendleton blanket, even sharing the life stories of the makers I’ve met along way made me feel like I was still growing the Reservoir brand.  Even more so I guess, because people could actually see why I love what I do so much in a relatable way!

How long have you lived in the area and this particular home? What made you choose Beacon, NY?

We chose the Hudson Valley and Beacon area in particular because of its location. When we were in NYC, my husband took a job in the Catskills.  Beacon, NY was a perfect place to meet in the middle!  Plus it met all of our favorite criteria–great food, good pubs, plenty of outdoor activities, art and a diverse community.

We’ve now been in our home for 7 years now, gosh the time seems to have flown by!  We bought it two years shy of getting married, to which my grandmother pointed out we were “putting the cart before the horse” (haha!) but seems to have worked out well for us!

Have you always lived in New York or did you live somewhere else beforehand?

If we were doing this face to face, I’d probably be verging on a high five right now to point out the area of Michigan I’m from.  Both Adam & I grew up in West Michigan.  I’m originally from Grand Rapids, which reminds me much of where I live now except there are no surrounding mountains.  There are however, the Great Lakes, so it’s really an even trade.  Both places, I proudly will call home.

What was the transition from city living to farm life like? Do you ever miss NYC?

The wonderful thing about where we live now is that NYC is just a quick train ride away!  Not to mention, probably the most beautiful commuter train ride you could take, running along the Hudson River; it never gets old.  So I wouldn’t necessarily say I miss it.  I think when I finally made the full time move to the Hudson Valley, I was ready for days of waking up to a big backyard, fresh air and chirping birds.  

It’s funny how when we were in the City, I’d wake up as late as humanly possible to jump on the subway just in time to make it to work and dinners with friends started at 9pm.  Here, I wake up with the sun to let out the chickens and on an average day, we start dinner at 7pm and if we make it to 10pm before we’re plunked down in bed it’s a big day!

Your daughter, Carmella, is such a doll! What role has home played in your first year of motherhood?

Awww, I adore her! Thank you, she is truly the best gift.  I’m not going to lie, this year has been about finding our new balance and that has involved some growing pains..  In fact, I had a bit of a hormonal crisis mid-pregnancy and basically asked my husband and a friend to completely renovate all of our bedrooms so we could be on the same floor as the nursery!! Lol.  Thankfully, he is incredibly supportive and ultimately it was a great decision.  

But now with Carmella here, (we just rounded the one year mark!) home has taken on a deeper meaning.  Before her, home was our meeting place, a place we slept, swam and had a glass of wine sitting in Adirondack chairs as a couple.  Now I think our house has become a bit more like a foundation.  A prologue to the next chapters of our life as a family. It all begins here.. down a long dirt road, up the wood steps and through the red door with us three (and the dogs) all snuggled in bed about to start our day.. and ends each day with us adding a little something to our collection of knick knacks on the shelf or a postcard to the refrigerator but most importantly, memories.

Home has really played such an essential role in my life this past year.  Maybe it’s because adding a baby to our little family has really taken the idea of home to the next level. As mothers, I think our instinct is to constantly try to make life easier for our families, to create that reassuring feeling of comfort and conceive the idea of “home” no matter where we are.  In the past I always focussed more on apparel as a designer, so it was pretty surprising this year when  all my inspiration centered on the development of a new ceramic-focussed home goods collection.  You have to wonder what those pregnancy hormones do to you (haha)–I even like Sriracha which you could never get me to eat before!  But whatever the motivation, I’m pretty proud of this little collection–I think I’ve managed to form that idealistic coziness into usable wears, including one seriously perfect size coffee mug.

What helps you establish a sense of home (material and nonmaterial)?

We are communal people.  We love potlucks and big pots of coffee.  We love Fourth of July parties, harvest moon bonfires and playing board games by the fireplace when it snows.  I guess if we are in a space, surrounded by the ones we love, sharing those kinds of moments.. we’re pretty much “at home”.


Do you host a lot of visitors or entertain frequently?

ALL THE TIME! You’d think this was a BnB sometimes! Haha.  But truthfully, I don’t think Adam & I would have it any other way.  We love nothing more than having family and friends come visit.  Also I love a good party! So when I saw all the deck space when we first pulled up with the realtor, I was pretty much sold:)

What activity do you enjoy at home over any other place?

Our morning routine:)  There’s nothing like a cup of coffee in bed with a bouncing one year old, laughing and pulling at Daddy’s beard.  We could probably do this anywhere, but it feels most like home in our own bed.

After some time away from home what do you crave most about your space?

I miss our porch.  There are millions of beautiful places in the world, but watching the sun set over our backyard with the dogs at our feet and the peepers singing… it sounds silly, but it feels like the whole world is tucking itself in for the night.  

What’s one thing you’re the most proud of about your home? Is there anything you’d change if you could?

I think it’s pretty special that our first home has been the focal point of so many monumental moments for us. First time as tiny farm owners, first baby, baby’s first birthday..  Adam & I were even married on the porch steps of our home in front of family & friends, and apparently Google Earth, which managed to capture the day of our wedding with our big tent and rows of chairs.  I think this house could easily be our forever home.  But if there was one thing I could change about it, it would be closer to our families.  We love New York and the Hudson Valley, but Michigan still resonates as “home” too.

What’s your definition of home?

Home is wherever we are as a family as we write our life chapters and our house is the the book that keeps them.  My husband and I have been together for 16 years, so we moved around several times before settling on the Hudson Valley. Yet all the places we were together, felt like home.  Now all of our memories, all that we have discovered and continue to discover have a place; it is a place where all the little things around us begin with “back when” and end in “happily ever after” (or something like that.).  Vintage velvet couches, countertops poured by Daddy’s own hands and shelves riddled in knick knacks we’ve found along our travels are stories we share with our daughter and are adding new ones as she grows.  It is often a bit messy (behind the scenes!) but this is the place that we have created together, and because of that, I think it’s a pretty lovely tale of a father, mother, baby, 2 dogs and 7 chickens.

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Check out her kickstarter that just launched today too! “A perfect ceramic coffee reservoir: inspired by simple, functional Scandinavian design & crafted to evoke a sense of home. Made in USA”

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