An Early Morning Family Adventure and Reflection

August 9, 2018

This post was sponsored by Hudson Tailor.

Monday marks a huge change for our little family. If you listened to yesterday’s episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast or read this post you know that Zack is starting a new job that will require him to be at the office from nine to five Monday through Friday. This job will help foster Zack’s long term career, will provide stability and benefits for our crew and we believe will be a healthy, much needed change for our family. As challenging as change can be, we are over the moon excited and are looking forward to what this means for our family in the future.

I think this time of year in general is transitional for so many of us so I know we aren’t alone. With kids starting or going back to school (Owen is on the waitlist for a preschool that we’re really hoping works out), so many of us are anticipating change or are smack dab in the middle of it. Call it a coping mechanism, but it’s in these times that I find comfort and stability in nesting, keeping our family organized and occasionally stepping outside of our routine for connection.

So yesterday, we did just that. We packed up our new backpacks from Hudson Tailor and headed into the city for an early morning adventure. And by early I mean we were out the door by 7am, a rare occurrence in this household. We jumped on the train, stopped off at Patisserie Claude for some of the best croissants in the city, walked around the West Village and let Owen get some energy out at Washington Square Park before grabbing a healthy breakfast a Jeffrey’s Grocery. It felt necessary to shake up our routine one last time before it’s going to be more challenging to do so.

But, back to our backpacks because we are a little (okay, very obsessed). Green is absolutely our color (hence the green couch), so it’s only natural that Owen has the Junior Backpack in Olive and that I’ve got their Classic Backpack in Heather Green. While we typically can get away with packing one backpack up, yesterday, it was perfect for us to bring both of ours along. We packed up all of Owen’s essentials into the junior (snacks, toys, a coloring book and crayons plus diapers and wipes) and I packed my classic up with our camera, my laptop, charger and all of my other regular purse like essentials so I could part ways for a bit and get some work done.

Not only are these backpacks super durable, comfy and classic, but it’s a mama ran company that gives back to a little girl they know who inspires them everyday to live a life of thanks. Even in the midst of battling cancer at such a young age, she lived with unbound joy. And although the survival rate of children with neuroblastoma is less than 50%, they believe that one day, there will be a cure to cancer. So, with your purchase, a portion will be given back to the study and research of neuroblastoma. Amazing, right?

I honestly think about their message every time we use their backpacks, “live a life of thanks”. All of this anticipated change has felt tremendously overwhelming, but it is all positive change and we realize how fortunate we truly are. We have so much to be thankful for each and every day and when life feels like too much, I think it’s important we take a step back and find gratitude for right where we are. It doesn’t mean we can’t experience pain or have hard days, but I think carrying around a backpack that symbolizes living a life of thanks is just the best thing we can do as we move into this season of life.

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