What to See, Do & Eat in Hvar, Croatia with a Toddler

August 3, 2017

I wanted to share the highlights of our time here in Hvar, because despite the challenges we faced, this place is so unbelievably beautiful and worth a visit for sure! A month might not be my suggested time frame, but a few days or even a week or two is perfect. Everything we did here we did with Owen. Most restaurants had high chairs or had space for us to pull up his stroller to the table and he’s been as happy as ever!

What to See

View of Hvar Town. Climb up the steps just behind the center of the harbor for a stunning view / look out point.

The Adriatic sea + beaches!  One of our favorite things to do while we were here each night was to walk along the coast of the island as the sunset. It’s the perfect time to take photos, it seems to cool off a bit and the sun is out enough that you can still get a glimpse of that perfectly clear water.

St. Stephen’s Square. This area is straight up Game of Thrones style! The stone streets and buildings are gorgeous and this is the center of the town for sure.

What to Do

Go to the beach! Most of these beaches are rocky, but there are small beaches all along the coast that you can easily access and either rent a chair or bring towels/blankets and enjoy. Our favorite time of day to do so has been early morning (around 9) and early evening (around 6 or 7). This is when the beaches are the least crowded.

Run! I realize this might not be everyone’s idea of a dream vacation, but since we’ve been living here the last month I’ve really tried to make exercise part of my morning routine. It’s one of the best ways to start your day by just running along the coast and has really helped offset my homesickness.

Visit the surrounding islands. Regardless of us being here for a full month we totally failed to make this happen and I know we will kick ourselves for it. There are such beautiful neighboring islands, but with Zack’s intense work schedule and me being a big chicken about taking Owen to an island solo we didn’t get to experience this, but I HIGHLY recommend doing so!

What to Eat

Dalmatino. Get the black gnocchi and any one of their steaks. Everything was delicious.

Black Pepper. EVERYTHING. Just order everything. It was unbelievable!

Restaurant Mizola. I ate the green tagliatelle with prawns and cream sauce four times while we were here. So damn good.

Fig Cafe. If you find yourself here, it’s most likely because you have eaten your fair share of pasta and pizza and are ready for something different. Get the burrito.

Have you been to Hvar? What was your favorite thing to see, do and eat?

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  • Meagan Bird

    Your blog has become my go-to resource as my husband, 1 year old son, and I are starting a year of travel and I’m trying to keep it as minimal as possible. I’m so grateful I have someone else’s experience to look to as I’m planning all of this <3 Where does your little guy sleep at your airbnbs? Do you always try and get a place with a baby cot or does he sleep well with you? My son has always been in a crib so I'm looking at travel cribs and wondering if you use one of those and have any recommendations?

    • Hey there Meagan, so sorry for my delay! I love that we’ve become your go-to resource for your family travels. When are you guys leaving?! Where’s the first stop? Hope below answers your q’s!

      Our son ALWAYS wanted to co-sleep. Bed time was a real struggle for us before we left NYC since we were living in a two bedroom. Once we made the decision to travel we fully embraced co-sleeping and it’s made our travels so much easier! He just sleeps in bed with us.

      We used to have a pack & play, but I feel like those are so bulky! I’ll let you know if I come across a more suitable one for travel!

      Best of luck to you guys!

  • Oh I am excited to listen to your podcast too! This place is on my wishlist. Ps I think you should watch ‘Given’ on Netflix if you haven’t already…. it will just reinforce your decision to travel with Owen

    • Hey there Laurel! I’d love for you to listen – thanks so much! And that’s so funny you recommended that. I’ve had so many people share that suggestion with me. I need to check it out!

  • Hello,

    What Owen’s toys are you bringing with you while traveling?

    • We have Legos, a puzzle, stacking cups, crayons and paper, books, flash cards and a couple small toy cars!

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