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November 21, 2016

When I asked Paula Mallis, the owner of this gorgeous home, what makes her house a home she shared with me that she has been opening her home for the past three years to her community for women’s circles and gatherings, and that of all things, she feels that these gatherings have blessed her home and family. To give you a little back story, Paula is a mother, doula, yoga teacher and meditation guide living in Venice, CA with her husband Todd, her daughter Madeleine and their furry friends Buddy and Willow. On Paula’s site she explains the women’s circle gatherings mentioned as such… “As we gather we will be honoring the transition a woman goes through on her journey from pregnancy into motherhood. We will honor this sacred rite of passage by sharing our experience, wisdom and birth story. Our time together will be held in a safe, non judgmental and loving space. This evening will provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our stories and apply a loving reframe to the places within us where we might hold judgment towards ourselves and others. In maintaining this heartfelt and loving space, we will connect and support one another as we travel our own unique journey into motherhood.”

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be drawn to Paula’s beautiful space by looking at these photos, but it was after I learned about how she has made her home a safe space for mothers that truly it hit me how inspiring her space is. Her husband took the home they purchased down to the studs, designed and built the home you see here, and now this is a space where her daughter explores imaginary play time, where Paula and her husband cook meals together, where they gather as a family and where women honor their journey from pregnancy to motherhood. Talk about dreamy hospitality! When it comes to decor, Paula is a huge fan of Merchant Modern, 1st Dibs, General Store and Tortoise General Store, plus her and her husband have inherited a furniture collection from her husband’s family that is especially special to them.

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