An Intentional Dining Room Makeover for Our Growing Family

April 10, 2019

Hosting dinners and folks in general in NYC isn’t very common. Most of our living spaces are so small that the closest coffee shop or bar acts as an extension of your home and it’s rare that you actually invite friends or family over to your house or apartment. That being said, it’s always been different for us. When we moved back to Brooklyn last year we made it a priority to have the space to host the people we love the most and we’re so happy we did, even if it meant moving to a neighborhood a little further out. We’ve found since becoming parents that this is our ticket to remaining social when our nights are revolving around 7pm bedtime routines and often, unruly toddlers.

For the last year, despite having four family members move to Brooklyn we’ve somehow made it work with our four person table. Thank goodness for those nightstands we have a.k.a. stools and our desk chairs so we could all crowd around our small table this last year. As much as I love having our people close around any table to share meals, we knew when both ourselves and our best friends found out we were all expecting babies it was time to officially upgrade to a new dining room set.

I’ve admired Article’s designs since the first time I heard about the company in 2015. If this is your first time hearing about them, Article is an online only furniture brand that has absolutely zero showrooms. Because of that, they’re able to price their furniture much lower than traditional retailers – giving a great value to their customers. Their sofas were what first caught my eye, but as we started the browsing process for a new dining set I had them at the top of my list. I immediately fell in love with their Fresh Modern campaign. So much so that I went ahead and placed an order for the table and chairs they feature in the very first image of their lookbook.

Everything about the style and colors just felt right for our dining room and growing family. We’ve always had some sort of a matching set, or at least matching chairs but I fell head over heels for this miss-matched look with the Svelti dining chairs. These chairs are at such a great price point, ship in pairs, come in 10 amazing colors, and they’re made from polypropylene so they are not only super sturdy but extremely easy to wipe down. Meaning they are no match for any child eating at our dining table.

Our living room furniture is all a darker wood color, but because our kitchen and dining area is on the darker side I like to keep our furniture lighter, which is where the Ventu oak dining table came into play to keep the space feeling brighter and a little more playful.

Now that our friends just gave birth to their son, Sonny and our little girl June will be here this September I can just imagine their little highchairs pulled up and Owen sitting in a big boy chair with all of his aunts and uncles and the friends we consider family. I’ve had a love for interior design for quite some time, but there’s something about a kitchen table that extends so much further past aesthetics. For our family our kitchen table is where we connect each and every day, it’s where I record both of my podcasts, where I’m currently writing this article, where my recipes are shot and where we gather when our friends and family are over. It’s so much more than a piece of furniture and I’m so grateful to have this article in our home.

Photography by Amy Frances. This post was made possible by Article.

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