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April 22, 2017


I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I wanted to share more behind the scenes business hacks and what not, which I have loved doing. I’ve covered tax information, how to build your Instagram brand and now I’m sharing some insight into staying organized with clients. For me organization these days comes down to one word – HoneyBook. I first tried HoneyBook as a studio manager for Amy (Amy Frances Photography) and was immediately hooked. Around the same time I started working for Amy, I took the leap to take Household full time, and to be completely honest my system for keeping organized was a little wonky. It took a combination of emails, google sheets, countless checklists and Paypal invoicing to keep things in order and even then there was quite a bit of anxiety associated with the whole process. I was constantly having to check and recheck all my various sites and apps to make sure they all aligned and found myself digging through emails all the time and having issues finding exactly what I needed to in a timely manner. To put it simply, it was not efficient.

AMY_3390 (1)

As I began to help Amy with the administrative side of things with her photography business I found myself scratching my head and thinking, “Wait, I could just use ONE system?!”. I truly believe in working smarter not harder and when there’s a seamless system like HoneyBook out there, it’s really a no-brainer. To break it down a little more for those of you who are interested, HoneyBook allows you to manage your clients, their emails, contracts, invoicing, payments, scheduling and more all under one roof. You can even collaborate with other vendors if you’re working on a project with multiple people and set everything up with Quickbooks. Each client is set up as a project where you can view everything associated with them in one place. As hard as it can be to let go of your systems that seem to be working, it’s been such a relief to have one site to turn to for everything and abandon my old ways. Plus there’s an app so you can stay in the loop wherever you are, and their customer service is on point. I mean, if you have a single issue within minutes you find yourself talking to an actual human being who is genuinely concerned and willing to help you with anything. You’re able to set up templates to make interactions a little easier and less labor intensive on your end, but you have the ability to make things as personal as you want too – you’re in complete control. So much good here people!



Getting Household Mag. set up on HoneyBook has been such a relief and has made my life so much easier, which I think we’re all after as small business owners (and mothers). If you’re in need of one system to consolidate everything mentioned above they’re offering my readers 20% off when you click here. I honestly cannot speak more highly of their software. Treat yourself and do it. Chances are you’ll end up making more money because of it!

This post was created in partnership with HoneyBook.

Photography by Amy Frances.

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