In the Kitchen with Punch & Pastry

March 15, 2017


A little over a week ago I had the opportunity to head upstate with my best pal Leah, the owner of Punch & Pastry, as she cooked, baked and served a group of six women. I assisted her from start to finish, learned so much and honestly really enjoyed the break from the city. It was so nice to have some friend time, laugh about nothing and get in the kitchen together. Plus the Kid & Coe property we stayed in was so dreamy! We put together a menu for the weekend a couple weeks before hand, picked up groceries as we headed upstate, and got to work early that Saturday morning.


Below you will find our menu and links to the recipes we created. Leah is known for her incredible pastries, but her delicious comfort food has mostly been a hidden secret and reserved for our family meals in the city until now. When Leah steps in the kitchen and makes any kind of dish you can taste the love that she has poured into it. Everything is cooked with a homey feel and tells a story. Through her kitchen experience she’s learned that it’s intimate settings like this that she truly loves. For more recipes from Leah, follow her on Instagram. And stay tuned for more from our #betweentwokitchens series!



Welcome Gift
homemade rugelach, packaged

Dinner/Late Night Snacking
charcuterie boards – meat, cheese, breads, fruit


crustless veggie quiche, potatoes, freshly baked lemon muffins, fruit

vegan soup, simple salad

charcuterie board

spaghetti squash with pesto, pine nuts, roasted tomatoes and parmesan

chocolate cream pie with graham crust and homemade whipped cream


steel cut oats with sauteed apples and pecans

Parting Gift
homemade chocolate chip cookies




Photography by Amy Frances.

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