The Leap to Travel Deepened our Connection as a Family

October 2, 2017

For our family, these last five months have truly deepened our connection. We have learned how to slow the heck down, live with less and not obsess about the future. Key word here is obsess, because regardless of the type-a in me slowly fading, there will always be a little bit of that version of myself tied up in my present.

The point here is that bouncing from Paris to Berlin to Croatia to Iceland to Montreal and back to the states since May has challenged me to stay present. I haven’t been perfect at it, but over the last couple months I feel like I have hit my stride.

As I look back on our travels it’s in Hvar, Croatia that I struggled the most, but grew the most. Because we had such a difficult time there we found ourselves literally counting down the days until our next destination. When you’re in this headspace it’s almost impossible to stay present, but I can recognize now that without facing this challenge I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I don’t want to give you the impression that I believe the key to staying present is to have zero plans for the future. For us it was the presence of a plan that helped to minimize anxiety, even if it was a loose plan, but above all I’ve had to learn to trust the process.

Plans change all the time and the ability to stay present is such a key in handling these unexpected changes. Since our lives have changed so dramatically nearly every month since May we’ve had to work hard at being here (wherever here happened to be).

World travel appears to be glamorous, and there’s a large part of it that is. Seeing new places for the very first time, getting to experience new cultures and for us the added bonus of all the extra family time is something I will always be grateful for.

What you don’t usually get the impression of is the inconsistency in our schedule, the stresses of travel – everything from selecting the right neighborhood, to finding the right Airbnb, to getting from point A to point B to feeling homesick.

With each new location we were forced to find a new routine and schedule, to adjust to a new time zone, to change up our diet all while still working, parenting and living our lives. It was not a vacation for us regardless of what images might portray.

Ups and downs aside, I feel so confident about where we are at today. So many good things in life require serious work and aren’t always easy. This has been one of those instances despite the shiny highlight reel. By forcing ourselves to adjust to so many different environments this last year we are unbelievably connected in a way we never were before.

We have found home all over the world together, we have learned where we want to be long term and what matters most to us today. Staying present will always remain a challenge, but after this journey of ours we are now able to do so in one place together. It might be an untraditional path, but after these last few months I am that much more confident that we can handle whatever challenge comes our way. Forever grateful that we had the chance to do so.

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  • I so admire the bravery I’m sure it’s taken for your family to take on this adventure! I keep finding myself so tentative about moving forward and for me and my family right now that just looks like being open to looking to a new role professionally or being willing to consider buying a new house like I know could be really good for us. I’ve been on the same Brene Brown kick that I think you’ve been on the past few months too, so maybe everything I’ve been taking in will take root and I’ll get braver soon! 😉

    • Hey Jess! Oh man, getting the courage to be brave and take the leap is the hardest part. So glad you’re on the same Brene Brown kick haha. I’m so grateful to have started reading her books this summer when I needed it most. Oddly enough I started my first one after we left NYC and it just couldn’t have come at a better time. Best of luck to you with your next chapter!

  • Love this so much and love your honesty!

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