A Bohemian Space That Inspires and Cultivates Home

September 20, 2017

Just like Chrissy, Terra and I connected via Instagram when we were both expecting in 2015. I’ve always admired her green-thumb, work ethic (hello working mama + blogger) and her ability to be vulnerable in her darkest moment in order to help others struggling with postpartum depression. I feel fortunate to have found others in my field that share a common interest in lifting each other up and Terra is certainly one of those ladies.

Terra’s home has been one I’ve admired while we’ve been on the go and I’m so excited to share it with you all as well! Make sure to scroll through to find links to where you can reach this lovely lady online and if you’re interested in having your space featured click here for more information on how to do so!

So I obviously know you, but tell my readers a little about you, how you got started with your blog and the role home has played in the success of your business.

Hi. My name is Terra Larock. I am a mother to a 22-month-old named Winter, a wife and a school psychologist. We live in the rocky mountains of Denver, Colorado. I started my blog, Love & LaRock, as a way to document my journey as a new mother. I was the first out of my friends to have a child, so the emotions, the insecurities, and excitement of all it all was a bit isolating to experience since no-one in my immediate circle of friends could relate. I began using Instagram and my blog as a way to connect with others who were on the same page of the book as I was. While I would love to write full-time, it’s just not in the cards for me (dang those student loans). For now, I continue to build my business while my little one sleeps. The most pivotal point in using my blog as an outlet was when my article on postpartum depression was published by Huffpost. I wrote it not thinking anyone would read it, let alone connect with it. I was so humbled and overwhelmed with the positive response. Motherhood is so challenging, so it was really comforting to connect with others who have struggled with the same thing as I did. My husband works from home, and because we spend so much time at home working, we new we wanted to create a space that we would love to be in, feel inspired by, and most importantly, feel home. We hope you like our little sneak peak into our take on a bohemian zen home.

How long have you lived in the area and this particular home? What made you choose Colorado?

My husband I met in martial arts in Denver. I had just moved from Arizona to attend graduate school and Perry, my husband, had been here a few years prior. We were both the first ones of our friends to move here, but since moving we now have several college friends from both mine and Perry’s side who have moved to Denver as well. Let me know if you would like to join us? We are definitely wanting more transplants to fall in love with Denver like we did. We love our area because it has both aspects of the city life, providing easy access to shops and restaurants, but also is very family-focused with many parks and new families surrounding us.

Have you always lived in Colorado or did you live somewhere else beforehand?

We bought our first home in 2014, right before we got married. It was a small, 2-bedroom bungalow. It was the home that made me a wife and the home that we brought Winter to. Although we loved it, we always knew that we wanted to rent out and buy something a bit bigger that our family could grow into. One late late night of nursing, I saw that the home that we are in now (which happens to be 3 blocks from our old house) came on the market at midnight that day. We immediately jumped on it the next morning, were the first ones to tour it and somehow won a bidding war! We feel really lucky to have gotten this home.

What helps you establish a sense of home (material and nonmaterial)?

Both Perry and I have traveled a lot. I have lived in Australia, Guatemala and Mexico. Perry has spent a significant amount of time in Southeast Asia. We both have had to create a sense of home during our traveling days by nurturing the relationships around us. We both believe that home has to be wherever your are and we don’t rely on material goods to make it feel that way (although we are suckers for good home design). In this house, we try to fill our walls with love and gratitude, creating a space that feels both inviting yet piques a sense of imagination and curiosity. We love sculptural greenery (we happen to have over 50 house plants), a large garden, natural wood, and neutral tones mixed with toned down tribal and bohemian patterns and pops of color.

Who lives with you in your space? Do you host a lot of visitors or entertain frequently?

It is me, Perry, Winter and our husky named Rio in our house. We love to have visitors and entertain frequently. I am definitely the more extroverted one and Perry just goes along with whatever (although I secretly think he loves it too).

What activity do you enjoy at home over any other place?

We are suckers for a good game of Settlers of Catan (think Oregon Trail meets Risk)) . We also love playing music (I play piano and Perry plays drums), binge watching Game of Thrones, and spending quality time with daughter painting, tending to our garden or just being outside.

Is there anything that helps you feel at home when you’re away on vacation? Asking for a friend…. 😉

Haha, this question made me smile. I think my comfort foods are be the biggest things that I miss when we travel for long periods of time. Especially, fresh vegetables from the garden. We always scope out the nearest farmers market when we’re traveling to make sure we can stock up on the fresh fruits and veggies that we typically eat a home.

After some time away from home what do you crave most about your space?

I never get the house to myself. With Perry working from home and Winter having a nanny, a hot shower alone feels like I hit the jackpot. Sometimes, I ask, well, more like beg Perry to take Winter to the park so I can cozy up with some iced tea on the couch and enjoy the silence for a minute.

What’s one thing you’re the most proud of about your home? Is there anything you’d change if you could?

We are most proud of our plants and garden by far! We have taught Winter from an early age on how to take care of the plants. She waters all of them (with our help of course), talks to them and pets like them like she does our dog. She also planted almost every seed in the garden. I think that by teaching children to take care of and respect living things helps to instill a sense of empathy in them. I love seeing how sweet she is with our plant babies.

I wish our house had an office space for Perry. We have a finished basement but he refuses to go down there because there isn’t enough natural light. Also, we both long for a sun room!

What’s your definition of home?

Whenever someone asks me what the definition of home is, I start singing the Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros’ song called “Home”. They are such a great band. After we had our first kiss at our wedding, our bluegrass band started playing a song by them, so they definitely mean the world to us. I think they sum up perfectly when they say, “Home is wherever I’m with You.”

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Photography by Brittany Renee.

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