A Home That Embraces Vulnerability, Acceptance and Love

August 10, 2017

I can’t tell you guys just how excited I am to be picking up my Inspiring Spaces features again! After a few months of life on the road, I am more curious than ever about what makes each person’s house a home, and I’m so happy that I get to share some unique perspectives with you all.

For Ana, a freelance writer and the founder of Lucky Penny Blog, she defines home as, “The place I go where I feel the most vulnerable, the most accepted, and the most loved.

Since Ana is a close friend of mine I’ve seen her and her little family through two separate spaces. Their last was a newer apartment complex, but I have to say this 800 square-foot historic brownstone is my favorite. She has done an impeccable job making the most of their space and I loved having the chance to sit down with her and ask her some questions about their household.

So I obviously know you well, but tell my readers a little about you, how you got started with your blog and the role home has played in the success of your business.

Well, I started the blog as a way to stay relevant in my field. I went to school for Merchandise Marketing at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) where I studied to be in Brand Development. I thought I could take advantage of my time at home with my two daughters while still pursuing something of interest to me should I want to work out of the house one day. My home is a huge role in the blog being as that’s where it all started. I work out of my living room, write about our lives, and share my daily inspirations from our home.

How long have you lived in the area and this particular home? What made you choose Brooklyn?

We’ve lived in this apartment for a little over a year and we have been in Park Slope, Brooklyn for three years. When we were first moving here we were debating between Upper West Side and Park Slope because everyone told us those were the most family friendly neighborhoods in the city. I just had a feeling that Brooklyn was going to be for us. I wanted to be able to head into the city but come home to the quiet of Brooklyn. We haven’t been disappointed for a second.

Where did you live before hand?

We moved to Brooklyn from San Francisco. We were in the Bay Area for five years and I really loved my time there. Sometimes I miss it and wonder what it would be like if we had stayed, but ultimately I’m happy with where we are for right now.

What helps you establish a sense of home (material and nonmaterial)?

I’ve moved a lot over the course of my life. Apartments don’t really hold sentimental value for me. I think one day, when we buy a house it will feel like “home”. So for now, as cheesy as it is, home is where my heart is. And right now, my two girls and my husband are all I need to feel like home. Honestly, sometimes I wish we could pack up an RV and be a traveling family and see the country. But, if I had to say one thing that helps make me feel really settled is having art up on the wall. It immediately helps the space feel a little more lived in and colorful.

Who lives with you in your space? Do you host a lot of visitors or entertain frequently?

My husband and two daughters, Edith and Lilah, live here. We try to host people whenever we can. It’s definitely harder in New York but we try and make it work. We have a yearly holiday party and it’s something I look forward to every year.

What activity do you enjoy at home over any other place?

I love eating at our house. I really enjoy a home cooked meal, sitting down with my family, and spending quality time together.

Is there anything that helps you feel at home when you’re away on vacation? Asking for a friend…. 😉 

I’m so grateful for FaceTime. Not only for the option of calling the kids when I’m alone and away, but I love Facetiming my mom everyday. Sometimes I don’t even have anything to call her about but we still talk about nothing for an hour every day.

After some time away from home what do you crave most about your space?

My bed. We recently upgraded to a King sized bed and it was the best decision we ever made for our family. And as much as I try, at hotels and airbnbs I can’t help but think of how many people have slept in the bed before me.

What’s one thing you’re the most proud of about your home? Is there anything you’d change if you could?

I love that despite it’s small size, it feels “just right’ for us. But if I could change one thing, I’d wish for an upgraded kitchen. We don’t even have a full sized refrigerator which makes it kind of a pain when you want to cook every night. And something besides peeling laminate floors in there would be awesome.

Where can we find you and follow along with your journey?

Blog, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook.

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Photography by Heather Moore.

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