My Second Trimester With Baby #2: Weeks 13 Through 18

April 4, 2019

You guys, I have officially made it into that sweet spot of the second trimester where you’re feeling mostly good and let me tell you it is glorious. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still feel pregnant, but I’m so much more productive and just feeling happier and healthier in general. Even though I’m well aware that strong symptoms in the first trimester are a positive sign, I can’t help but use the word healthy when I’m speaking of no longer feeling sick.

I did a great shop in my first trimester of keeping a weekly journal, and I have to admit I haven’t been the best at that the last month, but there are some undeniable symptoms and moments I thought I would share with you guys just to keep you in the loop. I know a lot of you are also expecting and it’s super fun to trade notes on what we’re all experiencing.

Goodbye Nausea and Vomiting

I think most moms who experience morning sickness of any kind in their first trimester are just holding out for the second trimester the whole way through, or maybe that was just me. Either way it does not magically go away overnight when you hit 13 weeks or it at least didn’t for me. It was honestly closer to 16 weeks before my stomach had mostly settled. I’m still waking up and having a slice of toast immediately, but outside of that it’s been smooth sailing. Thank goodness! If you’re experiencing morning sickness and need some relief read my tips here.

We’re Having a Girl!

In case you missed it, we’re having a baby girl! We spilt the beans on Instagram first, but went into more details on Mom and Dad Made a Podcast and this post on why we chose to find out the gender and what it was like finding out this time around (we kept it a secret with Owen)!

Starting to Really Show

I popped early and had to start adjusting my wardrobe almost immediately in my first trimester, but in the last few weeks I’ve really started to show. If you’re a New Yorker, you’ll understand when I say, people are giving up their seats and my doorman is officially worried about passing packages to me. It’s all happening!

Feeling Flutters

My doctor and everything I’ve read online has indicated that in your second (or third or fourth or fifth, etc.) pregnancy that you will often times feel flutters early. My doctor had said around 18 weeks, and what I read online was as early as 13 and I have to say for me at least it was closer to the 18 week mark that I noticeably started to feel them. I feel them most later at night when I’m putting Owen to sleep or when I’m getting in bed for the night. They’re so special and just make this process feel that much more real!

Welcome Back Energy

I forgot all about how this energy comes at you in the second trimester that is just so deserved and wonderful and exciting. With Owen it’s what pushed me to start this site and this time around it’s pushing my career in a new, equally exciting avenue. You of course still feel pregnant and a little slower than normal but I genuinely feel more motivated than I have in the longest time. This week I even started a new 5am morning routine that I have a feeling is going to be life changing for me!

How was / is the second trimester for you ladies?!

Photography by Amy Frances.

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