Nursing-Friendly & Postpartum Approved Fashion with Everlane

November 26, 2019

Just over a year ago I shared a post about celebrating differences in friendship, life and style with Leah (my same pal you see here). At that time I was Owen’s mom, June was just an exciting idea, neither of us were expecting either of these babies and our bodies looked a little different than they do now. We sported Everlane and as my due date with June approached this summer I found myself daydreaming a bit about slipping back into those threads again and again. I knew it was unrealistic to pack them in my hospital bag (duh!), but on more realistic days those daydreams probably looked a little something like this.

Accepting and loving my postpartum body is a challenge I have welcomed these last few months. It has come with its ups and downs, but finding clothing that I truly feel good in has made the ride so much more smoother. I have invested in some newer pieces and I have even been able to unpack the pieces I had pre-pregnancy. While they may fit a little differently than they did before, they do in fact, actually fit. And to be totally honest, my Everlane pants were the first that I was able to squeeze into.

While all the pieces I’ve linked below are items I’m loving as I finish up my “fourth trimester”, I wanted to break out the nursing-friendly ones into their own section. Everlane has a great selection of button front tops and sweaters that are ideal if you’re breastfeeding this winter. Layers and buttons seem to be my best friend as the temperatures drop and I am all about the cardigan-as-a-shirt trend that’s happening.

When I’m more willing to forego buttons I’ve been really into loose fitting sweaters this winter, paired with more of a fitted or tailored pant. This has helped to highlight areas I want, feel comfortable and still fashionable as I ride the postpartum wave. I’ll always love a good layering tee (as you’ll see below) and Leah and I both raved about the ReNew Traveler Tote as an alternative diaper bag.

There are so many great “mommy brands” out there, but sometimes you just want to find pieces that work for you at your favorite pre-kid shops. I’m sure a large part of Everlane’s success has to do with their wide range of sizes and styles that complement nearly every body type. Hope these pieces can help you through this winter and along your postpartum journey too!

Photography by Amy Frances.

Gifting by Everlane.



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