What To Do in NYC with Kids: The New York Transit Museum

March 25, 2019

I am beyond excited to start this series for a number of reasons. First and foremost we love our city and sharing our favorite things to do here, especially with Owen. I realize New York City can seem really intimidating to live in or even visit with kids, but it doesn’t have to be. Over the past three years we have truly found some gems that make this city so much more approachable with little ones that I’ve been dying to share with you all. The second and kind of silly reason is, these pieces are so fun and natural for us to shoot. They give us a reason to get out of our usual routine and soak up what we love about our home, and most importantly, what our kiddo loves about our home!

I’m going to keep these pieces short, sweet and informational but I just have to tell you guys how obsessed Owen is with The New York Transit Museum. We’ve literally gone three times in the last month or so and he asks to go every single day. If you have a little shopper on your hands like Owen we try to direct his attention away from the gift shop when we arrive – it’s immediately to your left when go down the stairs. Not because we never want to take him there, but because this gift shop is literally filled with all of his favorite toys, trains, subway cars, police cars, fire trucks, etc. and it will absolutely distract him from wanting to enjoy the actual museum which he loves. It’s best to stop there last if you’re going to, at least in our experience.

For those of you who have never been The New York Transit Museum, it’s an inactive subway stop filled with cars from various eras in mint condition. You’ve probably seen some of these subway cars in your favorite shows (hello The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and movies. For both parents and kids it’s truly fascinating to walk through each car, sit on the seats and read the advertisements from that era. Plus, it’s great for pictures too despite there being no natural light. I would say that 95% of the subway cars are open to the public and Owen has the best time running from car to car, pointing out which train it is, it’s color and climbing up and down the seats. They also have an upstairs area that’s more of a traditional museum with information on how the subways were originally built and the history that leads us to today. There are also some interactive buses upstairs that your little ones can sit in the driver’s seat in pretend they’re driving a bus (another favorite of Owen’s).

Here’s the info you need to know before visiting:

Address: Their address is 99 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Hours: Their hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10am – 4pm, Saturday & Sunday from 11am – 5pm. They are closed Mondays and major holidays.

Price: Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for kids over 2, and I just learned that they have memberships available (I might have added one to our baby girl’s registry for big brother).

Kid Friendly or Not: The museum is kid friendly! You of course need to have all eyes on your little one – there are gaps between the subway platform and each car so it’s best to assist them walking on to each subway car and the museum says all kids under 15 must have an adult by their side. They do have stroller parking. It’s on the same level as ticketing, all the way to the back, it’s a little annoying to get to so if you’re able to leave the stroller behind I’d suggest it. And, they even host birthday parties!

Food: There’s a lunch area where you can stop and have a snack. I don’t believe they sell food, but if you’ve packed something for your kids, there is a place to enjoy it.

Photos: Photos taken here are for personal use only, nothing commercial. Find more information on their site to reserve space for a professional shoot.

Bathrooms: Yes, there are public bathrooms!

Photography by Amy Frances.

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