One Day in Phoenix with a Toddler

December 4, 2017

We’ve been visiting Phoenix since late September and will be here until just after the new year. It’s the city we lived in when we found out I was pregnant with Owen, it’s where Zack and I met in high school, where we got married and divorced and re-married, and where each of our families live. We’ve visited countless times in the last two years since Owen was born, but there’s something different about being here now that he’s officially in the toddler phase.

Watching Owen run through areas of Phoenix, a city that hold so much history for our little family, warms my heart beyond belief.

A few weeks ago we decided we would take the day off work and explore this city from his perspective. We visited the local uptown farmers market (where we saw countless familiar faces from our years here), took a trip to Encanto Park (where our best friends got married) and visited the Arizona Science Center (a classic field trip spot from my childhood) all before lunch at Pizzeria Bianco (one of my all time favorite restaurants).

Before taking off for a busy morning out and about, like most parents, our first priority was to pack everything we might need. Being prepared before we walk out the door makes for an overall smoother day for both Owen and Zack and I as parents.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect backpack for Zack and I to share since Owen was born. We often settled for carrying two separate backpacks and swapping Owen’s belongings between the two depending on who was spending the day with him. When I pulled out the new Lo & Son’s Hanover Deluxe Backpack Zack was beyond stoked. Call him crazy, but I guess he’s not the biggest fan of my extra feminine leather bags. I think his exact words were, “Yes, I’ve been wanting a backpack just like this.”

There’s so much to love about the Hanover Deluxe, but above everything else I love that it’s a bag our entire family can share. It’s organized in a way that gives the feel of a diaper bag without compromising style or being too “kiddish”.

As parents I think we all tend to get crafty with how much we can fit in our bags when were on the go with kids. I’m not sure about you guys, but I have definitely equated packing my purse for a day out with Owen to a game of Tetris. Luckily, this bag allows you to pack everything you need without having to stack items in a way that makes them tricky to get to or puts you in a position where you might ruin an electronic by having it too close to a bottle or something else that’s wet.

Below you will find our standard packing list plus a list of reasons why the Hanover Deluxe is the perfect family backpack for your travels and everyday adventures.

What’s in our bag:

Cell Phones
Cell Phone Charger
Diaper Mat
Wet Wipes
Small Toys
Healthy Snacks
Water Bottles

10 features that make the Hanover Deluxe the perfect family backpack:

1. Exterior side pockets for wet items like water bottles and wipes. How often have you damaged an electronic device because your or your little one’s beverage leaked? Too many times over here!

2. Large front pocket for items you need to access quickly. Having a pocket like this is so helpful when you’re on the go. It’s the perfect place to store your wallet, sunglasses, phones, and anything else you might need in a moments notice.

3. Key ring hook so you aren’t digging for your keys. I can’t be the only mom who is constantly throwing her bag down on the ground to search for my keys. This little hook is a game changer.

4. Interior laptop pocket & large pocket for documents. Zack and I tend to bring our laptops with us in the rare case that Owen takes a nap while we’re out. It’s so helpful to keep our computer separate and safe from the rest of our belongings. Plus, having the additional pocket for documents is great as someone who tears nearly every piece of paper I throw into my bag.

5. Interior mesh pockets for additional items you want quick access to. We use these for snacks and diapers. They are the perfect size and despite what you have in the large compartment of your bag you can easily access these pockets.

6. Removable interior for easy cleaning. Regardless of the handy exterior pockets on the backpack there are always those times where we’re in a rush and throw something inside that creates a mess. Luckily, the entire interior is removable and cleans so easy.

7. Timeless unisex design. This goes for all Lo & Sons products. This is our third bag of theirs and each is just so classic.

8. Comfortable straps for extended periods of wearing. Regardless of everything we carry around daily this bag never feels too heavy, and believe me Zack and I would be the first to complain. We were both equally surprised at how comfortable it was.

9. Seamless suitcase sleeve for travel days. We’ve clearly had plenty of travel days as a family and I can’t say enough how helpful this is when you’re traveling with young kids. Anything that can make the process handsfree we are on board with.

10. Intentional design for the whole family. I love that we can all use one bag for days on the go. It’s rare to find a company that caters to both parents and kids but Lo & Sons has really nailed it with this one.

What do you pack in your bag for a morning out and about? What bags have suited your entire family’s needs over the years?

Sponsored by Lo & Sons.

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