Owen’s Bedroom Reveal: A Space to Grow Up In

March 29, 2018

Our little home is finally complete now that Owen’s bedroom is officially set up and it feels so good. After so much bouncing around last year, this is absolutely the moment I have dreamed of. Every day we are settling in and our apartment is feeling more and more like home.

Since Owen has been co-sleeping the majority of his life, we put quite a bit of thought in to exactly how his first bedroom would be set up. Ultimately, we wanted it to feel welcoming for him to play in now (while we work on his transition into actually sleeping here) without the inevitable feelings most parents experience of him “outgrowing” his space as he gets older. With that in mind we started our search with Room & Board. Not only do they continually create timeless designs that I know we will want to hold on to aesthetically, but they are dedicated to the best craftsmanship with the least environmental impact meaning they will actually last.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, selling all of our belongings last year and starting from scratch has totally shifted our thinking on purchasing furniture and small pieces as well. We’ve made it a point to not welcome anything through our door we aren’t absolutely in love with and are dedicated to finding items that will simultaneously grow with our family.

Room & Board made our mission in furniture shopping unbelievably easy.

While they certainly offer kid’s furniture and smaller sized beds, we wanted to set Owen’s room up in a way that could just as easily accommodate him today as it will when he’s a teenager. Of course we will make adjustments style wise as he gets older, but the core furniture we selected we believe he can hold onto for the majority of his childhood. We chose to go with a full size mattress for this reason, as well as a modern bed frame and this simple, but sturdy cubby bench. The smaller, more decorative pieces are the areas we were able to add a little more color and youthful feeling to like his blanket, this wall hook, these shelves, a destination print and these green market baskets.

As a young family we’ve had very few instances where our furniture was delivered directly into the intended space, assembled for us with no trash or recycling left behind. It sounds simple, but Room & Board’s customer service and team left us feeling so satisfied with our decision and absolutely in love with the way it all came together.

We had a couple smaller, kid-like pieces that family members gifted to us as well that were able to easily mix in with the Room & Board furniture too making his space truly come to life despite it’s small size. Watching this little space evolve has been such a joy and we are looking forward to watching Owen grow in it with time.

Photography by Amy Frances.

This post was sponsored by Room & Board.

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