What to Pack for a Vacation in Your Second Trimester

April 30, 2019

Owen and I (and Amy) are heading west tomorrow for some time in Phoenix with the family, to celebrate this baby bump with a shower and to head to Palm Springs for Amy’s bachelorette party. It’s going to be a combination of some quality time with Owen and a good chunk of solo time with friends for me, which I am really looking forward to with our little girl on the way. With September (our due date) around the corner I’m anxious soak up some alone time, sunshine and of course, the help with Owen.

As much as I’ve been looking forward to this trip, I have also found myself staring at my limited closet of maternity friendly gear and wondering what the hell I’m going to wear for a week in the desert. Something I’ve done throughout this pregnancy to make getting dressed easier and to be honest more enjoyable, is that as I’ve outgrown things I’ve removed them from my closet and packed them in storage bins. Because in my opinion, when your body is changing daily there’s nothing worse than also staring at a closet of clothes that don’t even fit. Making my options clear this time around has been so helpful.

That being said, with a warm weather trip on the horizon I knew I was going to need to pick up a few things to stretch a full week of vacation. This pregnancy I’ve been so much more open to maternity fashion than I was when I was pregnant with Owen which has been a game changer. Because I’ve been there, I completely get the hesitation to drop a ton of money on maternity clothing, especially when it’s just a short year-ish of your life, but honestly it makes a big difference in your self-esteem when you have clothes that fit properly. I’ve also wanted to find pieces I could add to my closest that wouldn’t be strictly just for pregnancy once June was here. So below you will find a mix of both. Hope this packing post is helpful for anyone who’s traveling this summer in the midst of your pregnancy!

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