My Honest Feelings About Traveling the World, Two Months In

June 27, 2017

The past two months have been intense to say the least. This experience has been eye opening on so many levels and I feel like I’ve been forced to face countless truths about myself, my business, my parenting style, my marriage, my health and as I shared last month, my friendships.

It’s a strange thing to say, but I’ve always been big on self-improvement. Books on this topic are my favorite, I went to therapy until my therapist told me my work was done and my idea of a fun night out with a girl friend would probably include drinking a bottle of wine and talking each other through our biggest, and most current struggles and successes.

You guys have listened to be blab on and on about business stuff lately as it has absolutely been at the forefront of my mind with so many changes happening both with certain social platforms and my own life, but the stronger pull for me, the thing I’ve really felt shift in the past few weeks because of our travels, is my parenting.

Present Parenting

Since we’ve spent the last two months in Europe we’ve been 6 hours ahead of New York and 9 hours ahead of the majority of our family on the west coast. This means the majority of our days there’s no pressure to check in on work first thing, no texts messages to respond to and really no reason to dilly dally on social media.

Yet, I was finding it more and more difficult not to wake up and immediately get that data fix. Does anyone else have this immediate pull when you open your eyes in the morning? I hate it!

I ended up making myself a schedule, and I’ve been doing my best to stick to it with exceptions like sick days for Owen, and so on. It’s been crucial for me and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Dividing up my time has helped me in so many ways, and spending less time on social media has been unbelievably positive.

Goodbye iPad

Adhering to this schedule was the first wave of change that encouraged me to be more present as a parent. The second, and I’m embarrassed to admit this, was our iPad breaking last week. I posted something brief about this on Instagram, but if you missed that, essentially we were leaning on the iPad pretty heavily and decided not to get it fixed. I’m not going on the record and swearing off screen time completely, but it’s been five days without it and we’re sticking with it.

Owen has been in better spirits, sleeping better, open to eating a larger variety of foods, trying to say more words and I’ve found my own anxiety subsiding a bit. I realize this could be coincidence, but I just can’t believe it! Prior we were going through one of those phases as parents where we’re like okay, we’ve got to limit screen time, limit the binky, get Owen through this picky eating phase, encourage him to speak more, to be more social with other families – you know the never ending list of guilts? While I tried to let them go, and definitely eased up on myself, it doesn’t mean they went away.

Setting Realistic Intentions

Traveling indefinitely adds a whole new element to parenting and while you can’t control everything, you can show up and do your best. These are the reminders that lead me down the healthiest path where I can be the best wife to Zack and the best parent to Owen.

Wake up and be present – look Zack and Owen both in the eyes and tell them you love them before you do anything else. Before you reach for your phone pick up a book. Make exercise, meditation and eating right part of your routine. When you’re with Owen, be with Owen. Work can wait until nap time / bed time. Spend a good chunk of your days outside. Never forget or fail to show gratitude for how incredible it is that you have this opportunity to travel, raise a child and work remote with your best friend. Do all things with intention and know when it’s time to take a break. Love, respect and care for yourself so that Owen can learn from your example.

What silly coincidence has changed your parenting for the better?

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