Start a Pinterest Worthy Plant Collection for Under $100

March 2, 2017


If you take a look at my Pinterest page you will see that nearly every home photo I pin has plants in it in some shape or form. In NYC it can be hard to find greenery at an affordable price that will be easy to maintain and that fits into our tiny spaces. Call it winter gloom or cabin fever, but now more than ever I’ve had the itch to brighten up our space with a little plant life. So, I convinced my dear friend Amy to give Owen and I a ride over to Ikea where we could pick up some healthy plants and trendy pots and planters that were within our budget. I figured I wasn’t alone in this home trend and that you guys might appreciate how to make it happen for under $100. Here’s how.




My first step was to actually dig back through my Pinterest boards and see what images really resonated for me and what was doable with our space. I love this set up, but unfortunately our wall space is all taken up so I went back to the drawing board. We have three really beautiful windowsills that are essentially seats they’re so deep. My thought was I could recreate this sort of feel in the center windowsill and add additional plants throughout the apartment so that our greenery wasn’t limited to just one spot. That way I was saving on the cost of the shelving, not cluttering up our space and brightening up more than just a corner of our space.


We had a few plants and spare pots like these lying around that I was able to incorporate into the mix, but I did pick up a large basket planter, a couple small basket planters and a few pots like this. Before I went shopping I spread out what we had to get an idea of what would make the most sense for our space. For the actual greenery I stuck to plants I knew how to take care of (read Pothos and Succulents). While you can’t shop the majority of Ikea’s plant selection online you can view the plants and succulents I picked up and their general pricing here. Here’s the breakdown:

+ 1 large plant ($11.99) *mine was slightly different in-store
+ 1 large basket planteralternate ($9.99)
+ 4 small 4″ succulents ($3.49 each)
+ 3 small 4″ pothos style plants ($2.99 each)
+ 2 medium pathos style plants ($7.99) *again, mine are Pothos which they had in-store
+ 5 basic terracotta pots ($1 each)
+ 2 medium pots ($5.99 each)
+ 2 small basket planters ($5.19 each)

Total cost = $88.70


Photography by Amy Frances.

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  • I love this! I have been feeling the same way. I have been shopping around but very quickly discovered how expensive plants are in NYC. Thanks for the reminder about IKEA plants. Definitely a trip to ikea in our near future.

    • Of course! It’s totally worth it. Are you in Brooklyn? They even have a free shuttle over there!

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