How I’m Preparing my Closet for Postpartum

August 20, 2019

If you read one of my more recent articles over on Camille Styles you know I’m doing my best to prepare my mind and body for postpartum. Some may say I have jumped the gun on preparing my closet, but it’s important to me that I have a handful of items I know I can most likely wear when June arrives. Of course it’s impossible to know exactly what my body will look and feel like after giving birth sometime next month, but based on my body today I made a couple of educated guesses and overall I’m feeling really good about it.

When I was pregnant with Owen I hardly invested in maternity clothes and definitely held off on picking things up postpartum for a bit. From my experience, it wasn’t helpful for me to hold off. That time is already so jarring as you’re making what will most likely be the greatest transition of your life, you don’t need to also stare at a closet full of things that don’t fit. I, of course, understand the choice to be conservative, but this time around I told myself I would handle it differently. I made the decision earlier in my pregnancy to save a little extra cash so I could set myself up with a few pieces that will hopefully make this transition a bit smoother.

On top of picking up a few new things, I’ve also done a complete closet clean out which felt really nice – I’ll dive into what that entailed for me a bit more below, but overall it’s something I highly recommend doing if you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy and especially if you’re on the other side of labor and you haven’t picked through your wardrobe.

Start with a Clean Out

Now that I’m almost 37 weeks along I can tell you there are maternity pieces I am no longer wearing or fitting in to and just general cleaning out that should be done (old tees, pajamas and undergarments just to name a few). I, of course, can’t tell you what to do with your maternity pieces, but since this is my last pregnancy I went ahead and sent some clothing to some followers who are expecting which was an amazing feeling. There’s so much waste that can occur with maternity fashion and I think it’s important we all hand down what we can. I also went through and got rid of any ultra born out essentials and replaced them (those tees, pajamas and undergarments I mentioned above). My friend, and talented personal stylist here in NYC, Jenny Greenstein, wrote a beautiful article about how to do a postnatal closet cleanse that is super helpful as well if you need more direction here!

Bring Some of What Has Been Hiding to the Surface

I’m not sure about you guys, but throughout this pregnancy I have been slowly packing away anything that doesn’t fit. It’s something I also didn’t do with Owen and would highly recommend doing if you’re earlier on in your pregnancy and frustrated with your wardrobe. I picked up a few storage containers for under my bed and as I grew out of things I placed them in the containers. It’s simple, but I can honestly say it did so much for my confidence throughout this pregnancy not to be staring at everything I wished I could wear. Same goes for preparing for postpartum as well!

Take a look at what’s under your bed or tucked away elsewhere. Be realistic about what you think you might wear earlier on and unpack. I’m not talking about skinny jeans and tight tops. Maybe you have a pair of boyfriend jeans that were extra loose and you were able to wear them in your first trimester – we’re really looking for the items you packed away last, depending on the season. Start with those items and be realistic about the idea that they probably aren’t going to fit immediately!

Organize Your Closet

When you open our closet and peek at my side you’ll immediately see the select few maternity items that still fit this pregnant body, and when you look to the left you’ll see what I’ve decided might fit earlier on postpartum. Most of these are tees I recently outgrew, loose button-downs, and some loose fit dresses. I imagine the maternity pieces I’m living in now will also support me through what’s referred to as the fourth trimester and that while I’m looking forward to jumping into the pieces that don’t fit me now today, it may take some time. Patience will be essential!

Be Prepared for Changes in the Future

I don’t believe in the concept of “bouncing back”. Our bodies change and grow and it’s safe to say for the majority of us that they won’t ever be the same after giving birth. Your style might change too. You might find yourself drawn to more practical pieces that support breastfeeding, baby-wearing or chasing your kids around or the complete opposite. Anything that happens to you style wise after having a baby is totally and completely normal. I believe it’s important that we honor this transformation. After Owen was born I had to re-learn how to dress for my newish body type. My hips and butt were absolutely a little larger (something I actually ended up loving as someone who wasn’t necessarily curvy before kids), and in all honesty this change led me to not just picking up pieces I liked the style of from afar, but what actually fit my body. And I am well aware I will most likely be doing this all over again in the coming months!

Pick Up a Handful of New Things

A few weeks ago I picked up one pair of Levis (purchased a couple sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy size) – they were having a huge sale, new overalls and some button-down tops that I can still squeeze my way into at this point in the pregnancy. I also went ahead and picked up new nursing bras and some underwear too. Treating myself in advance is something I never would have done in my first pregnancy, but I know I will thank myself in the next month or two.

Take a Peek Inside My Closet!

Here are a handful of the pieces I have in my closet for the early days. Most are items I’ve shared here before in previous style posts, but I think it’s important to mix the old with the new and show you what I’m actually talking about!

Photography by Amy Frances.

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